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Callie and Marie go to the ABDL Store to restock on supplies. And some other stuff.
Marie just decided to relax and wait until she could get a full shot of what her cousin was wearing. Callie stopped pushing the stroller as she went to Marie.

“Marie, I’m just gonna go grab a few things in a store if you don’t mind. You wanna come?” Callie asked.

“Okay.” Marie replied.

Callie went back to pushing the stroller as they entered an ABDL shop for a few things. Marie was happily suckling on her pacifier while snuggling bun bun under her blanket in the stroller.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been to this store.” Marie thought. “Last time we were here was for getting my crib and restocking on diapers.”

Callie continued pushing the stroller with her cousin as she was in the diaper aisle. She bent over to look at what diapers she could get for her cousin.

“Maybe these ones…” Callie thought to herself as she picked 2 packs of green diapers for her cousin and two pink packs.

She pushed the stroller to the clothes aisle. Callie then spotted a set of onesies that looked like the Squid Sisters’ celebrity outfits.

“Wow! I didn’t know they had these.” Callie said.

Marie looked to see the onesies that Callie was looking at. She was surprised. Who would’ve thought that the Squid Sisters’ outfits would become onesies for ABDLs. Marie then felt her stomach churning with the urge to poop. She took her paci out of her mouth and needed to talk to her cousin.

“Callie?” Marie called out to her cousin.

“What is it Marie?” Callie asked as she put both of the onesies in the stroller.

“I gotta go potty." Marie replied, holding her hands on her stomach.

"Oh. Okay, let's find a bathroom." Callie said as she pushed the stroller looking for a bathroom in the building.

Callie looked around for a bathroom to let Marie go. 5 minutes later they found a bathroom, but Marie inked her diaper as she started sniffling with tears running down her cheeks.

"We made it Marie." Callie said as she got her cousin out of the stroller. "*Sniff* Eww! You definitely need a change."

Callie carried Marie in the bathroom as she needed her pants changed.

(End of Part 2)
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