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Rated: E · Review · Opinion · #2252333
My book review after reading this fabulous story.
Book Review
Kim Babcock
June 10, 2021

         A Whisper In The Dark is a fictional rendition by Linda Castillo. It covers the themes of romance, suspense, and thriller, as do most of her other books. Whisper is a roller coaster ride that defies definition.
         Julia Wainright is a book seller with a secret. The arrival of five threatening letters indicates that someone knows and wants her to pay for her sins. The arrival of a sixth letter puts fear into the minds of those who love her.
         John Merrick became an ex-Chicago cop when he accidentally killed a fellow officer. Tormented by this, he doesn't believe he should take the job offered him by Benjamin Wainright to look after Julia, but he does owe Benjamin a favor. How hard could it really be?
         As forbidden desire heats up between John and Julia, the threats she receives escalate. Soon both realize that Julia is in more danger than could be imagined. Can John catch this stalker before he makes his threats a reality?
         Set in the sinful streets of New Orleans French Quarter, it makes for a perfect background of sin and trying to reach salvation. A story of love, lust and betrayal as well as coming to grips with personal secrets and self-image.
         I enjoyed Linda's choice of point-of-view and that she kept me intrigued to where I could hardly put the book down. Some of the discoveries in the book seemed sudden and not well foreshadowed. It did however keep me guessing.
         From a writer's standpoint I learned a lot of what to do and what not to do with this type of story. I would recommend this book to writers and readers alike, particularly if they like suspense thrillers.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2252333-A-Whisper-in-the-Dark-by-Linda-Castillo