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“A beautiful day for a picnic,” Jane stated. She then unpacked all the goodies.

Out of the cooler came kale, spinach, chickpeas, quinoa, and cilantro. Tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and brussel sprouts. Then a big jug of some kind of green grass smoothie. And then there appeared the veggie burgers and the gluten-free buns.

Julie, Mary, and Billy stared in amazement. Where were the chips? The deviled eggs? The hotdogs? The cupcakes? And s’mores, where were all the fixings for s’mores? Sodas? Juice boxes, surely there were juice boxes.

‘Here we go again. She does this every summer after school,’ they whispered to each other.

“We’re all going on a healthy diet this summer. No more junk food, guys. Detox for all. Lunch will be coming up real soon. Don’t go too far.” Jane busied herself with getting the portable grill fired up.

“Okay, mom. We’re just going to go over by the playground.”

Billy led the way. Once they were out of mom’s sight, he said, “Who brought some money?”

“I have about a dollar. Why?” Mary showed three quarters, some dimes and pennies.

“Let’s hit the snack bar.”

They ran to the snack bar, but found a sign.

‘Sorry, due to COVID-19’, this facility is now closed til further notice.’

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Mary whined. “Now we’ll have to eat all that food mom brought.”

“It could be worse. I didn’t see any of those fake canned veggie wieners,” Billy said with a frown.

The three said in unison. “Yuck!”

A whistle signal clued that lunch waited for them.

The three saw the open can, then whispered, ‘here we go again.’

“Alright guys, lunch is served! Who wants a veggie wienie?” Mom held up a limp, pink, wiener-shaped soy product.

W/C 296

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