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by Natsby
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Poetry about Life
Failure is a close friend, always at my feet.

Winning is a longtime idol, I chase but never meet.

Order is an acquaintance, we met in '99.

Love is that free bird, that only flies closeby

Hope is a professional you must make an appointment if you'd like to meet.

Irony is a classmate, actually quite closely related to defeat,

Cunning the patient warrior, we sometimes bump shoulders on the street.

Wicked is a former lover I run from in my sleep

Righteous is my savior, always sailing alongside me. The one I know who holds life's most precious key.

Ego keeps us distant, just out of an arms reach. He walks beside my shadow, grinning through his teeth.

Good and evil are my family, constantly fighting to define me, they move around, never can they quite settle down. And always there is that one that I must let down.

These acquaintances always come to find me, sometimes I invite them, saying, "please, join my pity party".

There is one more, the one you have to meet.

A beautiful but ferocious beast.

And within this beast resides the beauty and strength of all the ones who came and went before me. Encompassed by their collective faith, the kind that mostly pain creates.

It breaks down the walls, and chains and gates. The ones I work so hard to make

Her presence there to remind me, that in every case, I always have the choice to make. I have the will, the power, and strength to create the place...

That welcomes or denies the acquaintances that I so choose to let inside my sacred space.
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