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A twisted tale of desire and betrayal
DDPC Prompt Round 45


The Reverend eyes his faithful flock,
watching well for sin.
And if a maid strays near the brink,
he’s there to tip her in.

He comes to her in hidden tryst,
and sets her heart afire,
then shuns her in the public square,
denies the base desire.

‘Lascivious,’ he names her,
'she leads good men astray.’
So, the council binds her over
for a bitter judgment day.

The Reverend knew her carnally,
relations most profane,
a witch’s trial by water
would mask his secret shame.

‘Sink to reclaim innocence,’
he said with pious guile.
‘And also, thee’ was her reply,
with wild demonic smile.

She called upon Beelzebub,
traded in her soul,
to punish rank hypocrisy,
exact a mortal toll.

Lascivious and hypocrite,
entwined they fell from grace.
Now they writhe eternally
in serpentine embrace.

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