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Daily Flash Fiction 6/13/21 W/C 278

Color Blind

“Are you drinking out of the cat bowl again? You’ll turn into a cat. Stop that now,” Mom told the dog.

Buster looked at the bowls. They looked the same. They just had water in them. What did it matter what bowl he drank out of?

 Misty came by and gave him the look. That superior cat look.

‘I see you got the lecture again,’ purred Misty. ‘You just never learn. I have the bowl with the pretty ribbon on it. See? The pretty purple ribbon.’

Buster laid on the floor. He surveyed the two water bowls. He didn’t see a difference. They both looked blue to him. How could you tell the difference? What is purple?

‘I don’t see a difference. They both look the same. I think you’re lying to me, Misty.’ Buster growled just a bit at the yellow cat.

‘Now don’t get your tail in a twist with me, Buster. Trust me, it’s a purple ribbon. You have the bowl with the blue ribbon. Case closed.’ Misty strolled off, swishing her tail. She disappeared into her covered litter box.

Mom came, took up the two ribbon festooned bowls, put down two new ones. These were marked cat and dog.

Buster walked over to the litter box. ‘Hey cat, come out.’

‘I’m busy. Go away.’

Buster heard scratching. Then Misty emerged from the box.

‘We have new water bowls. Which is which?’

They walked to the bowls.

‘They look the same,’ said a puzzled Buster.

‘No, fool. See the writing?’ Misty was miffed. Dogs were so stupid. ‘Mine is purple, yours is blue.’

Buster laid on the floor, surveyed the bowls. Cats were so annoying.

W/C 278

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