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by K.HBey
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Andy is hiking along the edges of the river with his wife Lyna.



Andy is hiking along the edges of the river contemplating the last sun glows where the orange diskus drops inside the river announcing the murk of the night.

With his friend and wife Lyna, he savors this amazing moment.
"Lyna; your blond hair takes an orange veil and your eyes color is melted with the bright golden reflect"; Andy says.
Lyna and with her shining hazel eyes; looks at Andy and smiles.

"What's that wrapping my left leg?" Lyna asks flabbergasted.
"It's a cat. Don't be afraid"; Andy says
"Ho! It seems that the cat is cold. I will wrap it with my scarf"; Lyna says
"Let's carry it with us at home"; Andy replies
"Yes; It's a good idea. Look! It has a pink ribbon on its neck. There is a name; Celia that is embroidered with a golden thread"; Lyna adds

"Are you hungry; Celia?" Andy asks
Quickly; Lyna brings a full bowl with milk and special cat food.
Celia is engulfing it fast.
"Look; Lyna; Celia has an owner. We should launch a search on the internet and we should put Celia's picture on the advert".
"Yes; we should. Till the owner is manifested; we will take care of it. It is our companion starting from today; henceforth"; Lyna replies.

KHBEY/ Celia/ June 13th; 2021/ 219 words

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