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This is the third part to the ABDL story of Callie taking care of her ABDL cousin Marie.
Callie brought Marie in the bathroom on a changing table and took off her cousin’s leggings and lifted her dress to change her diaper.

“Eww! You definitely needed a change Marie.” Callie said in disgust.
Callie took off her cousin’s diaper and threw it out. She wiped Marie’s private area, powdered her, and taped on a new diaper.

“All done.” Callie said as she put the last tape on. “Just gotta put your leggings back on.”

Callie pulled up her cousin’s leggings and her dress down covering her diaper.

“Thank you Callie.” Marie said as she was put back in her stroller.

“You’re welcome Marie.” Callie replied smiling.

She strapped her cousin back up as Callie pushed the stroller again as they were leaving.

“Just gotta pay for everything and then we can go home.” Callie said.

“Okay.” Marie said as she put her pacifier back in her mouth and snuggled bun bun.

Callie paid for the diapers, onesies, and other supplies as she and Marie left the store. Callie and Marie were heading home with restocked items for Marie. They made it back home without any trouble as Callie got Marie out of her stroller. Marie was feeling hungry since it’s lunch time.

“I’m hungry, Callie. Can I have a piece of cheese please?” Marie said.

“Sure, and do you want a wheat roll?” Callie asked.

“Yes, I do.” Marie replied.

Callie brought Marie into the kitchen as she was put in her high chair. Callie puts a bib on her cousin as she cuts a big slice of cheese for Marie. She then gave Marie 3 wheat rolls and a bottle of milk.

“You got to have your nutrients, Marie. You wanna be big and strong.” Callie said, as Marie ate her cheese and a wheat roll.

Marie then took a big drink of her milk, then she got sleepy.

"Awwww, is my little Marie sleepy? It's time for your afternoon nap now." Callie said, as she was tidying up the table and doing the dishes.

Marie was thinking about trying to secretly find out what Callie is hiding. But she can wait until after her nap.

(End of Part 3)

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