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...and the possible Tomorrows. Daily FF Contest June 16, 2021
She leaves all her clothes at the end of the bed. It's a habit she formed long ago, making it easy to walk free when the 'gig' is over. Far away she will go... one sassy, bright red shoe after the other.

Mostly, that's refreshingly soon. There are SO many she would never wish to repeat. They are brushed back into the darkest corners of her memory; not to be fleshed out until the next one hurts her beyond anyone's imagination. If it weren't for the tidy pile of money on the bedside cupboard (placed there an hour or two earlier), nothing else could have enticed her into this way of living (if you could call it that!). Nothing except... NO! Don't go there. That's the darkest corner of all.

Some rare times the 'reckoning' and the parting is not 'til morning sun begins to lighten the room, even tinily (she insists on the curtains being drawn for the night, expressing the need to always see stars). She says their twinkles are in fact winks from afar, approving her need to do what she does so well. The stars salve her conscience in some strange way she cannot explain; does not want to explore. They just are... that's all.

And seeing the first rays of the new day? Always it seems like a promise that this will all be over sometime sooner rather than later. The need for this ugly choice will shrink, disappear even. She figures if she tells herself this every time, her future will brighten and finally glow... just like the new day's sun.

Prompts: leaves, shoe, money
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