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Detective McTaggart gets his man.
To Catch A Thief

“Not many clues,” Hamish McTaggart commented.
“Found something, Sir!” Patrolman Sledge announced as he came to his side.
McTaggart turned to Sledge with a hand out. An item was dropped into it.

“No dainty footwear this,” he said as he examined the shoe.
Taking out a magnifying glass, the detective scrutinized the loafer.
“I’m sure I’ve seen this size and style before.”

Still ruminating on the clue, he handed it to Sledge to bag and tag. Eyes to the ground, he continued the search, using his glass to great effect.
“What’s this?” McTaggart exclaimed as something round and glittering caught his eye.
“I ask you, who leaves money behind at a robbery?”

As he continued to walk, the detective found more gold coins. Finally, he came to the stone wall that surrounded the estate that had been burgled.
McTaggart leaned against the wall. He prepared and lit his briar. As smoke wreathed his head, he considered.

“Sledge, we have no time to lose if we want to catch our man!” he shouted and headed to the car.
McTaggart got out a block from where he wanted to go and asked Sledge to follow him.

At an imposing brownstone, the detective pounded on the door. The man who answered, tried to slam it in his face. But he’d inserted his own sizeable boot in the door to keep it from happening.
“Will Hornswoggle, I would know your style and size of leathers anywhere! Your careless use of a holey sack for the loot was the clincher. Only you would be so cheap when it came to working necessities so you could buy expensive shoes. You’re under arrest!”

Sledge hustled the crook away, while McTaggart opted to stroll back.
“Another successful pinch,” he said, then began to whistle.

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