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a circus that has a dark secret involving kidnapped children
It was a quiet day in the small town of Riverside. The snowflakes resembled sifted flour being carried by the wind toward their final destination. Amanda was taking her usual path home after school as she walked. She smelled the aroma of strawberries and made the air taste of cotton candy. She follows the smell in the distance. A Fairy smiles for it has lured her into a fairy ring. Amanda’s head spins and falls to the ground, losing consciousness. When she wakes, she sees a bunch of strange looking people in strange clothing bidding on stuff and browsing suddenly she was roughly thrown into a cage

“She’ll do nicely thanks Pip,” said a man with pointy ears dressed up in ringmaster’s attire. Amanda wished she knew what he was saying so she could scream at the man to free her. She fumed.
“Why so silent? Most people I buy fresh from the human world screams and shout at me”
Amanda uses sign language to say, “ Gee I don’t know, maybe it's because I'm deaf! ”

“ I’m just going to ignore that ”
Said the man with a smile he continued to talk the whole ride to the destination Amanda couldn’t hear him nor read his lips because he was facing forwards. After two hours There was a circus tent up ahead and there were six crates.“Did Oliver misbehave again?”
The man asked a woman with wings.

“Yes he tried to use the portal”
Said the woman.“So i dismantled him”
She said with pure seriousness. The man was laughing. She gives him an annoyed look and walks away. Amanda wanted out of her cage. She tries to escape but fails when she realizes the door was unlocked the whole time and facepalms. The woman lets a doll
looking boy out of the boxes.She wound up rolling his head away to add to the punishment . as he raced after the loose head. it was screaming “RUN FASTER DAMMIT” at the body

“That's why he shouldn't disobey”She said watching the body chasing the loose head amanda was very confused the woman looked at Amanda
“OK fresh meat i’m going to inject something into you that will make you appealing to the audience”Amanda frantically uses sign language saying

“No way in hell I'm letting you do that!”

“Wow!” Said the woman amazed.“Who knew humans had graceful hand movement our dance trainer is going to love you”
At this point Amanda had given up trying to use sign language

“WHY CAN’T ANYONE UNDERSTAND I'M DEAF!” screamed Amanda she was so frustrated she kicked a bucket. The woman looks at Amanda making eye contact a bit better saying

“don’t worry we’ll fix that” she drags her to the medical tent. The doctor drips some kind of liquid into Amanda's ears it sounded like waves of water crashing against her ear drums and all sorts of sounds flood into her ears. she collapses in pain everything was so loud she covers her ears crying a little the doctor rummages through a box saying “I knew this was going to happen which is why I made sure we still have sound modifiers before using the potion they’ll fall out when you’ve completely adjusted” he inserts the modifiers into Amanda's ears
“Just let her get some rest for today,” he said, closing the box. The woman takes Amanda to a tent.
“Rest well newbie you have a big day tomorrow” she said leaving. Amanda slowly falls asleep; she wakes up in the middle of the night

hearing a child shout “n-no! Not the tent! Anything but that!” They sounded scared. She slips out of the tent she was in and follows the shouts. It was still jarring that she can hear now she sticks to the shadows she could see a child being shoved into a tent. It was big and purple “must be chores'' she quietly says to herself. She then sees the strangest sight she had ever seen. The doll boy was on a moving pulley system. his head was she didn’t know where his body was he was grumbling about how he hated being security. Assuming he hasn't seen her she remains where she was suddenly someone drags her behind some crates she looks at them it was the doll boys body it was holding the doll boys head, she looks the pulley system he had replaced his head with a watermelon and a wig on the contraption “your pretty brave for wandering around here at night” he whispers. Amanda, still bewildered that she could hear now responds with
“is wandering at night a bad thing?”
Oliver hushes her frantically

“not so loud!” he whispers harshly “They’ll find us!” Amanda was a little surprised by Oliver's reaction; some adults could be heard walking by. Oliver looks at Amanda and says “get some sleep and try not to mess up three performances” he returns to the pulley system and Amanda returns to her tent confused on what Oliver meant. Morning came and Amanda was shoved into the dance training tent. She was told to put on the leotard and the ballet slippers and was told to tie her black hair into a bun. Training was rough. She had to learn everything in one day. She was becoming exhausted when it came to doing everything in pointe shoes so she headed off to join everyone at lunch. The lunch was roast beef sandwiches,salad and water. She sat across from Oliver. She could see him clearly now that his head wasn't rolling and at night time
he was a blond ,green eyed boy and would most likely be around her age. “Have a good sleep?” he asked looking at her

“Yes but all the training had me exhausted” she said stretching “and sore” Oliver looks at her and says
“you’ll get used to it” a lion covered in scales with fins for a mane sits next to him. he pets it casually Amanda looked amazed from the sight of the creature it watches Amanda cautiously Oliver whispers something to it causing it relax a little Amanda finishes eating and returned to the dance training tent. The dance she had to learn was extremely complicated. She was then put into a fancy tutu and had makeup put on her and continued practicing the dance extremely nervous after realizing she would have to perform tonight and not get a chance to practice more over a few days.

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