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by Jeff
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Comedy short story that has no right to exist
Jeff was doing what he would be doing on any other day: his favourite hobby a skill he had perfected over the years: watching tv. While he was watching his favourite xhannel ge got an ad. "ARE YOU TIRED OF THE ADS, WELL USE OUR NEW ADVANCED PAN TO BREAK YOUR TV". Jeff being an idiot immediately went to go and buy it. The store he went to was a walmart. He walked in as if his life depended on it while everyone else went about their day unasumingly. After finally finding the pan he hit someone in the head with it. Noq expectedly the people in the crowd looked at him suprised. Jeff immediately defended his action "HE SAID A PAN IS USED FOR COOKING FOOD I HAD TO PROVE HIM OTHERWISE". A police officer was called and jeff was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. There was security footage and jeff admitted to doing it.
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