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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2252705
The action tale of love and love lost. Chapter 1
Warrior Soul: Death at a wedding

Chapter 1

The sun shine bright over the Sand Mount’s sky as the festival of sands took place. Annually, all the kingdoms in the Sands would join together in celebration of Its royal families. People from every kingdom would travel to another kingdom in the Sand Mount in joy, meeting new people and creating stronger bonds between the kingdoms. Long ago, this event was held strictly for citizens of the sand mount, but it has since been changed to be free to all the lands as a learning experience of the Sand Mount history.

While the party raged amongst the town, King Korin Stood over his Balcony watching it all with a concerned look on his face. He pondered the events that had taken place the night before at his family’s dinner. Just then a voice came from behind him, “Taking it all in? old friend.” Lord Omisho says as he approaches.

King Korin expands his arms in happiness and greetings. “Omisho, how great it is to see you again old friend.” The two embrace.

“Yes the years continue to rage on for us.” Lord Omisho responds.

King Korin guides Omisho to the seating area for the two to talk “Come old friend, let us catch up before we join the party.”

The two sit across from one another chatting, “the sands definitely know how to put a festival together.” Lord Omisho starts.

Korin pours Omisho a cup of wine as he responds. “Yes well so far things in the sands have been peaceful, and we plan to keep it that way.” Korin hands Omisho the cup and continues “How are things over in Halo?”

Omisho sips and responds, “You know us, peace and tranquility, and blah blah blah.”

“Well for peaceful people you sure do birth great warriors. Some that I’d love to get to see in action for myself some day.”

“Well Korin, its very simple. You see I’m a guy of excitement. Sometimes meditating and being at peace can get so boring to me. Sometimes, I like when things get shaken up. I’m a little tempered you can say, but I learned to find my center. I found that light inside me that was able to fuel that energy within meditation. I began to know myself and when you begin to know yourself, there’s almost nothing you can’t achieve. I’ve taught that lesson to each and everyone of my warriors.”

“And your girls.?” King Korin says as he lifts his cup to his lips.

“Yes them too. Though I think Electra gets it a little more than Minerva. I have big dreams for Minerva. She will get it. I believe in her so much.”

“I do admit your girls are both remarkable.”

“Hey, you have an army full yourself. Aarogon, Lerato, Meeka, and Silas is the future of the sands.

“Yes, it pains me that their other brothers, sister, and mother are no longer here to see it, but I know it gives them strength.” The tone grows serious.

“Again I am so sorry for your lost Korin. They were all great Demi.”

Korin hops up in joy to brighten the mood. “Yes we all lost someone but that is why we should be so happy to still be living.” Korin walks back over to the balcony “in our life time we have fought many and watched many die for a great cause. Look at the joy we are able to provide to so many people while we are here. This earth has gone through many changes, but being able to spread joy has been eternal.”

Omisho joins Korin on the balcony “Yes but being able to spread darkness has also been eternal.”

Korin steps back inside “That is a truth I know too well friend.”

“Is something the matter Korin?” Omisho asks concerned.

Korin paused for a second. “To be honest with you, my kingdom has been threatened.”

Lightning storms through Omisho’s eyes. “Who dares?” He asks angered.

“My nephew kinitro.”Korin replies is a sadden tone.

Omisho calms down “Your nephew? But why?”

“In order for you to get what’s going on with him, I must tell you the history of my family’s curse Mark.”

“Well we’ve gotten ourselves a bit riled up. Come let us take our seats.” The two get back to the seating area. They continue to drink their cups as king Korin continues his tale.

“Long ago many earths before ours my people were Barbarians. They travel the world with only plans of survival. They fought to survive, Killed to eat, skinned to cloth, and built to protect. What they could not beat however, were some of the weather’s forces. One day the tribe traveled and found themselves freezing to death in a blizzard. Slowly the tribe members were dying from the cold. Until finally they came upon a cave. They took shelter there hoping to wait out the storm and not lose anymore members. As the tribe explored the cave they came to a tremendously huge crystal that extended to the top of the cave and radiated a major heat. The tribe, so cold and almost frozen, slept surrounding the Crystal. That night, they had all waken inside a trance and entered the crystal, phasing through it as if it were a hologram. That’s when they came to and realized they were in a dark dimension. The tribe were all led down different paths where they would face great horrors, some meeting their deaths. But the ones who didn’t, the ones who beat out the darkness, conquered their dark magic and emerged from the crystal more powerful than ever. Thus my tribe was born.”

“That is truly remarkable Korin.” Omisho responded intrigued by the tale. “I had not known that about your family, but what does that have to do with Kinitro.?”

Korin continued. “Once emerged from the crystal, they had noticed their curse marks. Soon later the first baby had submerged from within our tribe and he too dawned a curse Mark. But we were unaware what it would mean for his future. Until one day he was sucked into a dark portal. No one knew what was going on. Years had past before anyone had seen the man again. Then one day, the portal opened again and he returned. He explained the journey he had been on to conquer his dark magic. And that’s when we realized exactly what this curse Mark was. It was the key to tell us whether we would be great or not. Those who conquered their dark magic would return with full control of their powers and great knowledge of the world. Others however would never be seen again. However, now we’ve found there’s an alternate Outcome.”

“And what might that be?”

“If one does not conquer their dark magic the dark magic can take control of them and return to their world to cause havoc. The other night my family gathered for our casual dinner when suddenly a portal opened and Kinitro emerged. Shocked and in joy his mother and father ran to him. As they cry embracing their son, he killed them both. He then attacked us off guard and possessed his parents. We weren’t prepared for that attack. He disappeared swearing vengeance against the kingdoms.”

“Again Korin, I am sorry for your loss. I guess that curse is not as remarkable as I thought.”

“Being born into dark magic was the curse. A curse I’m unsure can be broken.”

“I know this is difficult for you Korin. I want you to know, any way I can help you, I will.”

“Well Omisho, before taking his leave Kinitro grabbed a very important scroll. One that if we don’t recover more than just the Sand Mount will be in trouble.”

“A scroll you say? What’s this scroll contain?” Omisho responses concerned.

“Well alone the scroll is useless. But if he gained the other 6 scrolls held by our kingdoms he will yield the power of the sand Gollum. He will grow 10x in strength, power, and height.”

“This is more serious than I thought.” Omisho said clenching his fist “please let me know if i can help in any way. This battle sounds like you will be stretched thin.”

“Well I’ve warned the other kingdoms and they’re on high alert. We plan to gather tomorrow to strategize and deploy a team. I guess this can be an opportunity to see your warriors in action as we spoke of earlier. Especially that daughter of yours. She truly is exquisite.”

“Yes Korin of course I’ll send Electra with a squad to you as soon as possible.”

Korin grabs Omisho’s hands in thanks. “Thank you very much Omisho. This means much to me.”

“Well we should keep family matters between the family.” The two smile at each other.

Down in the festival, Electra stood in front of a huge temple door, stretching. She looked to her sides viewing her competition. Minerva had a very determined look on her face as she focused on winning. Electra stood in meditation calming herself. Suddenly the temple doors shot open and the referee yelled out for the contestants to begin.

The participants charged into their individual entrances. As Electra entered the door slammed shut behind her. She arrived inside an empty hall. As she continued on, she stepped on a trick tile causing the floor to drop revealing a bed of spikes. With her quick thinking Electra, unphased, used her lightning speed to run along side the wall and enter the next room right before the door slammed shut.

In the next room, Electra came to a shrine of 20 warrior heads. Across the room were gem stones that collated to a certain color under each warrior. Electra figured, if she put the stones in the right spot the doors would open to the next room. She charged from one side of the room grabbing any random stone. She placed it under the matching shrine and the shrine started to glow. Figuring she was right about her placement, Electra wasted no time running back to grab another gem. But as she turned around she was knocked flying across the room. She opened her eyes to see the shrine had came to life. The shrine stood at 15 feet and had six arms. It held a big golden ax with two hands and a large boulder in two behind his back while the other two were free to attack. Electra was shocked at the sight and soon realized why just anyone wasn’t able to join this competition.

The shrine reached for Electra but she dodged it jumping and landing on its hands. She ran up its arm and punched its face knocking it into the other shrines. Back on its feet, the shrine charged at Electra swinging the huge ax. Electra ran dodging the blade. The attack had caught Electra so much by surprise that she hadn’t even noticed, when the shrine came alive the door to the next room had opened. As she dodged the ax she finally took notice and headed for the exit. But just as she was to run out the ax slammed down in front of her blocking her leave. This engulfed Electra in rage and she knew she would have to take out the shrine fast if she was going to win.

Electra turned and charged for the shrine. The shrine threw the boulder off its back and just missed Electra. She continued to charge for the shrine, but it now had all six hands free to attack her. The shrine try repeatedly to squash Electra, but it was no match for her lightning speed. As Electra dodge the hits She gather energy to lay one huge blast. Lightning rush through her body as she jumped up and drove her hand through the shrine face. The shrine stumble back from the hit. Not being able to catch its balance, the shrine falls with Her hands still in its face. Electra proceeds ripping open the shrines face like a bag of chips. The fight was over. Electra rush over and struggled to lift the huge ax up from in front of the door before proceeding on.

As she exited the room, Electra found herself running through a narrow hallway. She could hear other participants fighting their shrines or proceeding on. She wondered if Minerva had already continued or if she was being held up. But this was a competition. There was no time to go back if she wanted to win. So Electra pressed on.

The next room was filled with podiums lined up against the wall. Each containing a piece to a statue except one that sat bare in the middle of the room. Electra raced trying multiple pieces to put the statue together. Finally she had gotten the base piece. As she clicked it into place spikes shot out from the wall surprising Electra and slightly cutting her leg. She ignored the cut and continued to try the other statue pieces. As she rummage through pieces she could feel her body weakening, but she didn’t know why. Soon running from piece to piece became walking. As she pass the spikes that cut her leg, she could see a liquid on the tips. “Poison.!?” She thought to herself. Electra’s body was shutting down before she knew it and she was getting slower and slower. However, Electra was a true warrior, and it would take a little more then some poison to stop her. Electra pushed her self through the pain. As she clicked the second piece into place, a log came flying down quickly knocking Electra across the room and into a wall. She squealed in agony grabbing herself. Electra was in so much pain. She struggled to stand to her feet, but she push through the pain. She felt as if she was moving in slow motion. She continue to try pieces until she finally got the last one. As the statue lit up Electra braced for impact not knowing what would happen. Instead a portal open at the end of the room. As she started for the portal two other doors open. She readied herself Getting in a fighting stance not knowing what was coming. As she eyed each door and the portal, ready, she soon realized she would have to pick her path to where she would go next. Being optimistic Electra walked through the portal hoping for the best outcome.

The portal close immediately as she entered. Electra healed almost instantly and she would need to because what was now infront of Electra’s eyes she was not prepared for. Electra now stood at the bottom of a huge volcano. The heat was almost unbearable. As she looked around she could see other participants being transferred to the realm, but no Minerva. Participants started running up the volcano. Confused, Electra turned her attention to the top of the volcano and seen another portal, the portal back to the tomb. Electra waisted no time rushing up the volcano. As she run, other competitors try to take her out blasting their power at her. But Electra was too skilled and too strong for any of them. Majority of the attacks knocked out other contestants. Electra sped through the competition until she was heading the crowd. As she reach the portal Electra figured she’d teach everyone a lesson. She turned and summoned a lightning dome around her. The dome expanded riling through the volcano shaking everything. As the dome grew bigger it knocked each contestant back sending them flying to the bottom of the volcano. Electra laughed “Sorry guys but I’m gonna win this.” She turned and walked through the portal.

As she exited, the winning medallion sat right in front of her face. But her arrival coincided with nine other participants including Minerva. The room was still as everyone looked at each other. Suddenly. a all out brawl had broken out. Electra fought her way through the warriors. She watch Minerva’s back as Minerva did hers. Soon the sisters started to fight in sync helping each other defeat the other contestants. Great warriors from all 7 lands gave this competition their all as if any of it truly mattered. But the sport of a friendly dual was fun in itself until, it wasn’t any more. A yell rang out into the air. Electra turned her head and seen Minerva stepping on her opponents back breaking their arm. Electra zipped over to Minerva burying her into a wall. “Too far Minerva.” Electra scolded her sister.

Minerva climbed out of the wall and stretched her body out. “Final boss, bring it on.” Minerva charged back at Electra faster and harder knocking her across the room burying her into the wall. Minerva zoom across the room as Electra opened her eyes. Standing over Electra Minerva throws lightning fast jabs. But Electra is dodging every one. Finding the right moment, Electra punches Minerva in the ribs knocking her back. Minerva slides back grabbing her side. Electra now went on the offense. But Minerva matched her. The faster the punches Electra would throw, the faster the kicks Minerva would throw. The girls were truly remarkable and out matched by one another.

The back and forth exchange of blows continued on until a horn was sounded.”Coming all the way from Hydronia!” The announcer yelled into his microphone. “The winner Moon Otari!” The girls pause mid swing and see another contestant had gotten up and snagged the winning medallion. Minerva pouts and makes her way to an exiting door. Electra follows behind.

As they exit Electra starts up. “Minerva you can’t just break people for the fun of it.”

Minerva turns in anger. “Get this straight, when I fight I am a warrior. So I’ll fight like a warrior.”

“But Minerva that was not a fight against an enemy.”

“He was my competition...”

“Yes too a game. This challenge was not one to conquer, but one for us to have fun.”

“I had fun. Besides there’s medics on stand by to heal him instantly, it’s not like I was trying to kill him.”


“They told us before hand that it was deadly and only for strong warriors. He knew the consequences of joining!” Minerva yell in rage as she turn and stormed off. Electra just stood shaking her head in disappointment.

Over in Aaragon, Lerato walk aside his older brother, King Aaragon, as they exited the tomb which held the scroll of the Gollum. The two walk a long a narrow bridge leading to the exit of the hidden mausoleum. They make their way to the festival, boarding a Royal carriage that awaited them outside.

The brothers pained for their cousin Kinitro. It always hurt not knowing if u would see a family member again. Their curse was truly an unspoken burden on their family because it left them with such great power, but such agony.

As they made their way, Lerato began conversation. “Brother, I had been thinking.”

“Yes, about?” Aaragon answered sternly.

“Me being able to connect with souls, do you think...”

Aaragon interrupts. “It is lost brother. Kinitro’s soul is the key to his dark realm. However his soul is inside of his dark realm. Kinitro’s body is now just a vessel for his dark magic. You can not enter a dark realm through just the magic.” Lerato clenched his fists in anger. “Brother this is a pain we grieve to often. We never know when it’s our turn to face trials and we never know when we will return or if we will return. Though our families stay hopeful, eventually after so much time, the hope is lost and we are set to mourn the lost of yet another family member. But this, this is rare. Not many were possessed By their dark magic. He must be incredibly strong.” Lerato began to think back to when he endured the dark magic trials.

Lerato woke up dangling from a spikey cave top by a rope around his neck. He squirm trying to break free from the rope, but it wouldn’t budge. He also noticed he could feel the feeling of suffocation, but he was not dying. This pain was unbearable. Down below him he could see dark entities circling him like a shark waiting to fall. As Lerato gasped for air the struggling finally cracked the stone spike and Lerato fell. He hit the ground hard. As the dark entities circled Lerato they chanted. “Lik Mhi key, Nur mhi evil key” the entities circle Lerato creating a cursed circle. Lerato tried to move but his body would not. The chanting grew louder and started to ignite flames burning Lerato, but he did not die. He could only yell in agony, soon passing out.

Lerato open his eyes to see his curse Mark riding up his left arm. He struggled to crawl to a small puddle to look at himself. The curse Mark had covered a whole side of Lerato’s head. Lerato felt himself getting emotional from the pain, when suddenly a man approached from behind “Get up!” He called out. Lerato turned to the man shocked. The man yell at him again. “GET UP!” He folded his arms.

“I can’t... it burns... It...” Lerato struggled to get it out. The man kneeled and grabbed Lerato by the throat. Lerato tried to pry his fingers but he was to weak. The man’s hand glowed
as he healed Lerato. The two stand. “You healed me. How’d you...”

“I am Gomakka, your ancestor from over 73 generations. Do you know where u are? The man asked aggressively.

“This is it, this is the dark magic trials.” Lerato respond as a slight echo rolled out the cave from their voices.

“Yes, and rule number one, this world is pain. Nothing in this realm will feel pleasant. Everything will hurt. You must learn to over come pain. Know pain is not real but only a thought. A few of your other ancestors and I are here to help you.” Suddenly more people walked out the shadows. Lerato was amazed. He had not only been able to meet 73 past generations of his family, he was able to train with them as well. Lerato spent over 40 years training day in and day out to conquer pain. Never taking a break. Never sleeping. Lerato grew in strength, and pain for Lerato had turned into only a thought. When his final day came, and he was confronted by all 73 generations off his ancestors. His final mission was a 1 verse 750 battle.

This battle was not normal for Lerato. These warriors were not only strong they were powerful and Lerato was powerless in this realm. The attacks reminded him what pain felt like. One strike after another. He would take one down while 20 others raged towards him. His training served a great purpose but his strength and cunningness was not good enough to beat 750 powerful warriors. They soon started getting the best of Lerato. Beating him near to death. As Lerato lay in a puddle of his blood surrounded by his ancestors, Gomakka approached him. “You were said to free us from this world. You were said to be one of the greatest, capable of harnessing souls, yet u lay here exactly how I found you. Gasping for air, nearly on the brink of death.” Gomakka lifts his huge hammer over his head ready to deliver the final blow. “Tell me! What words would you like to make your last!” Gomakka’s words haunt Lerato’s thoughts driving him crazy. He didn’t know what was worst, the journey getting to where he was now, or the words of expectations Gomakka shouted at him. He was said to be one of the greatest. He was said to be able to harness souls. And then it happened. A beam of light blasted out of Lerato’s eyes knocking back the entire crowd and Gomakka. Lerato rise to the air rejuvenated. The remaining spirits watch in amazement. Lerato began to absorb the souls of the already fallen warriors building his strength and giving him power. HIs dark magic circle his body as he prepared to take on the remaining 607 warriors.

Gomakka raised his hammer and order the crowd to attack. The warriors charged at Lerato. One by one, two by two, eight by eight, Lerato was destroying the warriors until finally he stood with a badly beaten Gomakka in his palms. Lerato raised his hand ready to absorb his soul. He shouts out, “Tell me! What words would you like to make your last?”

Hardly getting the words out Gomakka responds, “You’ve... done.. well.” And with that, Lerato absorbed the last soul. Great power starts to surround Lerato like a tornado. It’s starts to suck in all the surrounding. Lerato stood in the center of it, absorbing the great energy
Resuming, “it’s just unfair big brother.” Lerato Says as he gazes out the carraige window.

“Fair.” Aaragon responds in a similar tone.
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