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Tirade about having yet another FEDERAL HOLIDAY!
Scott Cecil wrote: "Juneteenth being recognized as a federal holiday is symbolic and long overdue.
When can we get reparations, housing justice, police abolition, equity in the workplace, equity in education, voting rights legislation, and investment in our communities? Because, we need that more than a day off of work that everyone else gets too."

Councilmember Scott Cecil wrote almost verbatim what I thought yesterday as President Joe Biden signed into law another Federal Holiday -- Juneteenth -- June 19. However, Stanley Livengood, I do not wish to abolish the police, but would want drastic reforms that made law enforcement perform its duties in a manner that gave me and mine the same equal treatment when enforcing the law. I should not have to worry about my son, grandsons, and great grandsons growing up and walking the streets of America -- there HOME. No, there home is not in Africa, and no, they are not safe here in America -- first to be forced out of schools, first to be stopped and frisked, first to be jailed, and yes, first to be murdered at the hands of police officers. I, for one, am not that fund of all of the holidays that we celebrate, and I would much more prefer equal justice in schools, housing, pay equity, unencumbered and unhampered voting. Holidays tend to be another economic boom day for stores and persons with things to sell -- including signs, sticks, banners, etc.

Not COMPLETE -- venting
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