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by Norman
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The streets were where we played
Yeah, I grew up a city boy.
I’m Brooklyn born and raised.
Knew nothing of the country life
or of the country ways.

There were a lot of houses there
in my small neighborhood.
Everyone knew everyone.
That wasn’t always good.

But I had lots of friends back then;
the streets were where we played.
Now everyone I know has left.
Perhaps a few have stayed.

Where I live now is not the same.
It’s not the city scene.
Instead of concrete all around,
now I see mostly green.

And it is nice; don’t get me wrong,
I like it very much.
There are so many things to see,
like wildlife, parks and such.

But sometimes I still think about
the place where I was raised.
I know it’s still a part of me
In, oh, so many ways.

No, I could not go back again.
I’ve been too long away.
I’m better off where I live now
and this is where I’ll stay.

But when I look at photographs
of when I was a child,
the memories come fast and strong.
They still can make me smile.

I’m just a city boy at heart
and Brooklyn is my home.
No matter where I plant my roots
or where my feet may roam.

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