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Communication is key.
The bank was getting hotter. They had shut off power (and subsequently the air conditioner) over an hour ago, after Tim, Eric and David had refused to give up a hostage. Going into the robbery, they knew they all had things to do and quickly, but as for decisions, they had to be made mutually. If they got caught, they would likely end up all in a cell in San Quinton, and it would be worse if they were fighting.

In the Los Angeles area, the summers were always hot, and so were the winters. Eighty might've been considered a cold day in the winter. Eric, who had more brains than brawn said it was something about melting snow. This only came to Davids mind right now, he was beginning to feel bad for the hostages. His job during the whole robbery was to keep a gun on the victims, the other guys were robbing the vault and safe. It was okay, David had no problem shooting, he had 13 notches on his gun belt already, and going to prison for a few years wouldn't phase him.

The telephone began to ring again, David purposely let it ring 7 times before he picked it up, and he answered it almost joyfully, "Domino's, take out or delivery?"

The detective spoke back to him, "Now listen to me carefully. We've got two different squat teams out here, one from the city, and one from the county. They want to break in, with AR-15's and smoke grenades, and flash bangs. The only reason they haven't been given the go, is because we want to extend one more chance for you animals to come out peacefully. We have you surrounded. We'll give you five minutes."

David started to laugh. He put down the phone.

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