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Piece inspired by Lilli Munster 🧿 ☕ 's love of mermaids.

Long ago, when children still came to the library to read real books, I was librarian in a school.

Some students of Std. IV (Grade 4 - age around 9 years) were looking at the books on 'Sea Life' that I had heaped on the table. They were sorting the books into 'fact' and 'fiction'.

A little boy paused when he came to a book on Mermaids. He frowned, considering the title and the cover. He then flipped it open.

After a few minutes with the book, he asked, "Where does this go, fact or fiction?"

His classmates stopped what they were doing and considered the book. The rule was that they were to sort the books themselves, no help from me. They glanced at me, hoping that I'd deviate from the rule just this once, but I merely shrugged.

A big debate began. Other books were referred to.

Finally Dione had the last word.
"I once read a story where a mermaid got pregnant.
She couldn't have got pregnant if she weren't real."

Nobody had any answer to that.
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