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Minnie and Leonard are moving.

“What about the holidays and other special occasions?” Minnie asked Leonard.
“We can tell them after we do it, quite a while after, like Thanksgiving. Besides they can come to us from now on,” Leonard said, sealing another box.

“I don’t feel right about this,” Minnie told him.
“I tell you, it has to be a fait accomplice. We can’t let them find out. They’ll insist that we don’t do it,” Leonard reminded her.

She studied his face and sighed deeply.

“Since they seldom call and never come over, it shouldn’t be hard to keep it from them. Besides it’s time we thought of ourselves in life. They’re all adults now and have their own lives. Time we did as well.”
“I’ve never minded occasional winters there, but I’m not sure I want to make it permanent,” Minnie mused.
“So you want to suffer with your arthritis and risk breaking a hip, do you?” Leonard asked.
“Nooo, not really,” Minnie said.

“So, is it settled?” Leonard asked as he packed another box and taped it.
“I guess so, it’s not like our old friends can visit anymore. If they aren’t dead, they’re in a home. We have lots of friends already there, so we make more.”

Leonard grinned and nodded, knowing he’d finally set his wife’s doubts to rest.

“That’s the last box we’re taking with us. The movers come in the morning and we leave when they do. Aren’t you glad we got such a good price for this place as is?
“The new people took all the furniture too and Goodwill gets everything they didn’t want when they come before the movers.” Leonard finished.

“Well, tomorrow’s a big day and we have to be up early,” Minnie told her husband.
“Florida’s Paradise Condos for Seniors, here we come!”

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