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I wanted revenge when a gas stove was badly installed, reviews and a poem were all I had.
The Jobber robbed...
Then fibbed and fobbed
But I won't be fobbed
By a lying Jobber knob

Does a bad job
Then acts a snob
Plumb Bob maybe
But no plumb job

Ignored my calls
So, I tore at his walls
At his work, he did hide
Had a hide, did he

We two had no clue
But what more could we do
Called the mob at his job
To help get the flop stopped

Saying they'd come in force
Arriving upon a Trojan horse
Neigh Sayers, knobs, and players...
But no stayers, of course

Wrong horse, wrong source
No remorse...so, no endorse
Purveyors of delayers
Instead of layers of slayers

Too bad...I'm just glad
Because I know a customer's worth
Worth every word I write
Until they wake up and see the light

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