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Letter to my boyfriend
I’d always thought hearts were meant to be broken. At least, mine was, for it’s been broken more times than can be counted.

When I first saw your shy face staring at me from across that room, on a dark night in January, my heart tugged me towards you, so desperate to believe you’d be the right one.

I didn’t believe in “Mister Right” but I believed in love, even though my brain begged me not to fall, not to place another crack in my already bleeding heart.

But my heart, my stubborn heart that still beat no matter how many cracks it had, begged me to believe that you were different, that you wouldn’t let me fall alone, that you’d be the person needed to save me.

So what else could I do? I had never been one for logic, I’d always been one to let my feelings lead the way, even though that always came back to haunt my darkest nightmares in the end.

Right away, my cautiousness led me to curiosity, I had to know more about you, had to know everything, even your past, because my heart told me to believe that if I could heal you, you could heal me.

I allowed my heart to believe in you, but held back, unsure of how this chapter would end, uncertain if me taking the fall would lead to me bleeding on the unfriendly ground like before.

So I took the fall and felt more alive than I ever had before, feeling the rush of love across my body, and you were by my side, encouraging me to open up to you.

For the first time in years, I wasn’t afraid to open up, although it took me a while to get used to the idea of being that vulnerable with someone, someone that I’d given my heart too.

It gave me the sense of freedom, like you’d taken me on your wings and took me to a journey that doesn’t yet have an ending, but has been the best adventure I’ve taken so far, and you’ve been there every step of the way.

It doesn’t take a scientist to notice how in love we are, how great we are together, but then again, I don’t believe even science can explain the connection between our souls and hearts.

Love isn’t something can be easily explain, but soulmate love? That’s unexplainable, and we have that love, we’ve always had it, and we’ll never be able to give up something so rare and precious.

People take love for granted, but I could never take your adoration for granted, because every day, something new and exciting comes out of it, and the next adventure is just around the corner.
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