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A poem using the picture prompt
One dark morning, I was walking through the woods.
I knew the trail from childhood. I learned it long ago.
A ghost has haunted people from the nearby neighborhoods.
This has been the story with many fine pictures to show.

I had never believed them since I haven't seen it myself.
There was something strange and different about this morning.
There was an eerie fog and the trees seemed to talk amongst themself.
I had this funny feeling, and I should have heeded the warning.

It felt as though the trees were closing in on me.
As I walked, the fog kept getting thicker.
This was starting to get very creepy.
I felt my stomach growing tighter.

I reached the edge of the pond. By now, it was looking dark.
I could still see my reflection on the water and I was pale.
That's when I noticed him staring at me with eyes like a shark.
He was laughing an evil laugh while chugging a bottle of ale.

This was the ghost of Riverside Revenge. I had heard about him.
He was murdered here and has been haunting these woods ever since.
As I looked back at him with a steady glare, the light was getting very dim.
I thought to myself, “I can not let him kill me here”, and I shivered with a wince.

Heart racing, I started running as fast as I could back down the dark path.
Why does everything keep getting darker? I can't see where I’m going!
In the distance, the ghost continues drinking ale with a disgusting laugh.
I know that he is following me and the fear inside of me is growing.

Just as I try to look over my shoulder, I tripped on an old tree limb.
The pain in my ankle tells me I am through as I scream in terror!
As he is approaching, “Please! Don't hurt me!” I cry out to him!
He stopped to stand over me and now I knew my error!

Now he knows I am afraid of him and can kill me with ease.
He sits down on my chest and I know that I am dying.
He continues his evil laugh and covers my face in leaves.
The tears running down my face told him I was crying.

Now I am amongst the other spirits here trapped inside the forest.
I strive to warn the people who dare to enter in to turn back,
To live their life and not put my words to the test.
If they don't listen to me, they will have more than a heart attack.

Their soul will be forever trapped inside these trees.
They will be attacked by the ghost with an evil laugh.
I whisper my warning on the wafting breeze,
“Turn back now or never go back!”

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