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Marie's planning on figuring out what Callie's secret is without her knowing.
Callie brought her cousin in her room and opened Marie's dresser to find a soft sleeper for Marie to wear.

"You want the blue or the green sleeper Marie?" Callie asked.

"Green." Marie answered.

Callie took the green sleeper out and put it on Marie. She suckled on her green pacifier as Callie put Marie in her crib and sang a lullaby. Marie closed her eyes and fell asleep.

"Good night Marie." Callie said as she shut the door quietly.

Marie slept a little bit and woke up 15 minutes later.

"Now it's time to figure out what Callie is hiding." Marie thought as she moved down the bars to her crib. "I may be a baby mentally, but I know how to walk."

Marie opened the door to her room silently as she tip toed in the living room. She tried keeping quiet so Callie doesn't know she's awake. Marie went up to the door to her cousin's room as it was peeked open. She saw that Callie was listening to her music with her wireless earbuds. But she was also wearing a pink sleeper like Marie's and had a pacifier in her mouth.

"Where'd I put my teddy bear?" Callie said walking around her room looking for her pink teddy bear.

As she walked, there was a crinkling sound following her. Marie quietly gasped at what she saw from her cousin. Callie's dressed like a baby, and possibly is wearing diapers. Callie picked up her teddy bear and went in her bed falling asleep. Marie went back to her room and tried to figure out how she could deal with what her cousin is doing.

(End of Part 4)
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