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by Norman
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They're rigging the election count
Claire Voyant saw it coming.
It wasn’t a surprise.
She always knew what would come next;
she was so very wise.

She knew that Gerry Mander
would try to fix the vote.
She said to keep an eye on him.
She wrote it in a note.

“He’s working with Tom Foolery,”
Claire Voyant spelled it out.
They’re rigging the election count;
there wasn’t any doubt.

“I’m gonna call Jack Hammer
to put an end to this.
If we don’t stop this fix right now
it could be hit or miss.”

And they would need Mo Mentum.
They had to do this fast.
If they didn’t nip this in the bud
the time would soon be past.

But Jack was with Jim Nasium
and they were working out.
Jack Hammer is a power tool;
that’s what he’s all about.

Claire planned to meet him later
and they would make a deal,
when they could meet Al Dente
and go out for a meal.

Not where they ate the last time;
that didn’t work out well
when Sal Monella joined them
and things went all to hell.

If Miss Adventure showed up
they'd have to deal with her.
They knew that when she visits
some bad things may occur.

The restaurant would be crowded,
Claire knew that far ahead.
But if Al Fresco joined them
they’d eat outside instead.

They gathered ‘round the table
and raised a glass in cheer.
They met up with Bo Dacious
but he drank too much beer.

And once they had things settled
they knew that they were right.
They thought their plan would work out.
They all grinned with Dee Light.

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