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Snakes squeeze the life out of divinity's innocence
Strands of platinum silk splay over rippling, murky depths of simmering hunger.
Smooth scales slither over luscious flesh, dipping under languid lily pads.
Sopping diaphanous gown flows within eddies to grip heavenly curves,
licking flawless ivory flesh, cheeks painted with burn of dark desire.
Sibilant, sycophantic lips plow through tepid water, circling prows,
dim halos of sharklike motion weave about endangered purity.
Wide, beady eyes glimmer, swimming in ever-nearing arc,
trailing yearning, dilated pupils in their scintillating wake.
Perfumed petals mask sultry scent of rising erotic need
as sinuous thighs writhe in succulent anticipation.
Long fingers clench over sleek serpents.
Airy innocence of divinity’s elegance,
in quivering waves of ecstasy,
by flesh’s carnal needs,
greedily consumed.

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