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a brief love story
I curl up around the pillow between my legs, my breathing soft and quiet. I feel your strong arms around me and hear your heart-beat drumming against my ears. Your eyes are closed, but I can tell you aren't quite in dreamland yet. You run your hand along my arm and whisper a soft "I Love You."

I wiggle myself a little closer and press a chaste kiss to your cheek. I giggle as your beard tickles my skin and wrap your arms around your neck.

Even after two years, I can't get over that you are really mine. Truly, I do not deserve you. You tell me, almost daily, that it's the opposite. That it's you that doesn't deserve me.

I move my head from your chest to your shoulder and kiss a kiss against your bare skin. Still, your eye do not open, but I see a smile gracing your lips.

I take advantage and cup your chin in my hand before kissing you. You hum and move your hands up my waist, opening an eye as you do so.

"I could never in a hundred summers get tired of this."
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