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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
The Team

Lying in bed trying not to think about Alex. So, thinking about Alex of course. Sara was determined not to let him get to her again.

It was his life’s mission to irritate her. Seriously! It had started as soon as they moved next door and they were only three then. She was watching the moving truck back in when he jumped out from behind a bush and yelled really loud and she literally wet her pants. He laughed and laughed.

He continued to irritate her daily as they grew, first in their yards, then through school, then when he dated every girl in high school who she couldn’t stand, just because she couldn’t stand them.

He went off to college, so did she, and then he transferred to hers, to irritate her more, to the point where she actually married him, just to irritate him!

Their marriage was one irritation after another. They were always one upping each other. Nobody understood it but them, and they were, oddly, very happy, but then he died. Sixty two years, and he just up and died! That was just too irritating.

Suddenly that night, she heard his voice. “Sara, where are you?”

It was as if he was right next to her! She jump up so quickly! Well, she must have had a faulty piece in her own heart too, suddenly she got a sharp pain and then her body fell back onto the bed.

As she looked down on it, confused, she heard a chuckle and looked back up. There was Alex.

She frowned at him, “You scared me to death.”

“But now we can be together again!” he said.

“Thank goodness,” she said, and smiled! And they drifted off together. As a team, now, to make more mischief, of course!
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