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A story of friendship and self-acceptance
Poor little Fergus, Fergus the frog,
Sat all alone, on his great big log,
Sad, lonely and feeling blue,
Feeling helpless, not knowing what to do.

As he slowly wiped his tears away,
He remembered something his father would say.
Oh Fergus, my beautiful boy,
Don't you know you're such a joy?

What made Fergus feel so bad?
His friends mean jokes had made him sad.
They laughed and squealed and called him names,
They wanted to play bullying games.

But Fergus didn't want to join in,
He hated all forms of bullying.
Yes, friends can bully a friend too,
And it's the reason Fergus felt so blue.

His friends had all laughed at him,
When they pointed and giggled at the way he tried to swim.
Gertie goldfish bubbled, "what are you trying to do?"
Gary Galah screeched 'Boo Boo Boo"

Fergus didn't like being teased,
He didn't feel very pleased.
His heart hurt a lot and he wanted to cry,
But what could he do, what could he try?

He raised his little stripy head,
Spoke out loud 'I'm off to bed'.
And with that, he hopped away,
He didn't want to stay and play.

So little Fergus, Fergus the frog,
Went back home to his mossy green log.
He sat there in silence, not making a sound,
He didn't want to be discovered, didn't want to be found.

Why did his friend's words and laughter hurt him so?
Didn't they all understand, didn't they know?
Words can hurt and make you sad,
Or they can heal and make you glad.

Fergus looked up, as he heard a strange, muffled sound,
His friends stood in front of him, all facing the ground.
Gertie spoke up, and said "we are sorry for playing those tricks",
Gary whispered, "I hope your sad heart can easily be fixed".

Fergus looked around at his wild bunch of friends,
He couldn't stay mad, he couldn't pretend.
So off they all went to the pond once more,
Trudging along on the leafy forest floor.

In the distance, a great big splash could be heard ...
They giggled and jiggled without a single nasty word.
Laughter, games and lots of fun
Not just for some, but for everyone,

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