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I did consider 'Two wrongs don't make a right' as an alternative title.
Having historically suffered great evil at the hands of their enemies
descendants demand
proclaiming voraciously vocal their right to perpetual preference

Callous cruelty conferred both meniality and monetary worth
enchained in widespread ancient antecedent
supported by supposed superiority
shored up with sugared scripture

Conceal their present crime with indignation
equate any disapprobation to persecution
any contradiction to bias

Canonize each corpse
martyred miscreant
enshrined on the streets
recognised by the orgy of violence appropriate to their station
I protest the sullied word

All were arraigned


scoured expunged exploited
stench of sacrificial smoke ascending to a silent sky
so great a magnitude of misery

All were arraigned and so now
none can be
hidden safe behind the haze

Censor each critic
chase them with accusation
equate each specific with every lie every persecution

Unabashed they practice that which they proclaim to abhor

Unashamed cast aspersions ad hominem
besmirch the very words they utter
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