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by Norman
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Autumn vs Fall
Some people say they like the Fall
but I like Autumn best.
Now they will say they are the same,
a statement I contest.

The Fall will bring us gusty winds
and periods of cold.
While Autumn gives us colored leaves
and sunsets that are bold.

The Fall is just the prelude to
the Winter that’s ahead,
with foliage that’s fading now
and soon will be quite dead.

But Autumn days are meant for kites
and long drives in your car.
And nights when you can stay up late
to contemplate the stars.

I guess it’s how you look at things
and how you make the call.
But I still think I’d rather have
an Autumn than a Fall.

Author's note - In my opinion, the seasons should have proper names and be capitalized (Winter, Spring, etc.). After all, we capitalize the months, right?
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