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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2253498
Short horror mystery stories.
Bright headlights of a black matte 2002 SUV turned off of Little Way and lit up a dark driveway. Revealing a Gothic chic mansion in the middle of nowhere.
The car makes a stop at the front doors and a man in a chauffeur uniform steps out of the drivers side.
He looks over staring at the two huge obnoxious door knockers bared on the front doors.
He shook his head with disgust. Rich people he thought.
He placed his hat on his head and opened up the back passenger side door.
A blond woman wearing a dark gray pants suit steps out of the car having an unpleasant conversation on the phone.
“I don’t care if his feelings are hurt. He’s a criminal and he’s lucky I took his case pro bono.”
She grabs her brief case out of the car and begins to walk up to her front door.
“Listen. I’m tired of having this conversation. I am a lawyer it is my job to be ruthless. If he does not like it he can find someone else to represent him”.
She disputed while phishing through her purse for her keys.
The driver was getting her suit cases out of the trunk rolling his eyes tired of her insolence.
She finally found her keys while the driver walked up behind her holding her luggage.
While he was standing there he realized his shoes were rustling on some rubble, but he could not see.
The woman was struggling to open the door as there was no light.
“Let me go I just got home from a very long business trip”.
Now focused after putting her phone away she gets the door open and she switched on the hallway light.
The driver looks down and the light reflects off of what appears to be glass.
He looks up and notices the outside lights were broken.
He shrugs it off and walks inside placing her bags on the floor.
She is standing in the foyer flipping through her collective mail.
He catches a glimpse of her name. “Harlow James” it read.
“Is that everything Miss James” he asked?
Harlow shooed him away “that will be all Jerry”.
Feeling offended he turned away noticing but not taking note that the house phone was unplugged.
“It’s Jason” he said under his breath as he swiftly slammed the front door on his way out fed up with her attitude.
“Rude!” Harlow uttered before throwing her mail down on the table.
She had opened a letter that had “die bitch” written in all caps.
However, she is not phased by this because, the nature of her job always included death threats.
Outside Jason is upset slamming the car door Harlow never shut and, he takes one last look back at the house throwing up a vigorous middle finger her way.
In the mean time he was startled thinking he seen a face staring at him through the top left side window.
He rubbed his eyes and, looked again but, there was no one there.
He grabbed his head as of now he had a splitting headache.
He gets into the car calming himself down.
“You didn’t see nothing. You have been driving for hours. Your tired, okay. There was nothing there" he said unsure of himself.
Jason slowly was pulling out of the drive way and, he looked in his rear view mirror witnessing the curtain still moving in the window.
He felt a nervous rush through his body believing he may have seen a ghost.

Harlow continues to walk down the hallway putting her coat and purse in the closet.
She looked over glaring at her with bulging red eyes was a man wearing all black.
She screamed running down the hallway.
The man chased her as she locked her self in her bedroom.
He continuously banged on the door.
Harlow’s heart was racing and she reached for the house phone but there was no dial tone.

In the meantime Jason got a few miles out before his engine began to smoke and his car began to shut down.
He gets mad hitting the steering wheel with his hands.
He gets out of the car slamming the door behind him.
A call comes through his cell phone.
“Sir” he said.
His eyes widen a loud voice shouted through the phone “the suspect is in the house”.
Jason hung up took a look at the car broken down.
“God” he screamed and took off running back to the house.
When he got there his eyes filled with red flashing lights from the police cars.
Jason walked up to the scene.
A tall man with gray hair was scribbling in a note pad.
“Agent Harris. How nice of you to join us? Walk with me”.
The tall man throws his arm over Jason’s shoulders and they walk into the house.
He scopes out the scene as the tall man fills him in.
They walk by the scattered mail all over the floor.
“This was a national security case Agent Harris”.
They walked by a knocked down coat rack and smeared blood on the hallway walls.
“You had one job.”
They walked by a bloody knife.
“Keep the high profile criminal lawyer alive”.
Jason looks up and he sees Harlow’s body naked face up with multiple stab wounds.
She was swimming in a pool of her own blood with a pillow covering her face.
A police officer walks over with a piece of evidence.
“This was found in the victims hand sir.”
Jason looked frazzled and ripped it out of the officer’s hand. It was a half ripped picture of a little boy.
“You seen this before Agent Harris” he asked?
“Director Williams.. I know who the killer is” he responded. “Who”?
Jason pulled out the other half of the ripped up picture.
“My brother”.
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