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by Perseo
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contiene incesto lemon y shota
I open my eyes to a scene I have seen many times before. Except, this time I got to experience it in person from the perspective of the baby, the baby Naruto.

Looking up at them, the people who are supposed to be my parents in this life. I can't help but feel sad. I know they are going to die, I've seen it many times before, and I don't want that. I try to reach out to them, to my parents who are sacrificing their lives to save me and the village they grew up in but I can't. Even with Chakra helping me, I'm still a newborn baby. I can't even muster the strength to reach out to them, to touch them, to feel their warmth before they leave.

And so I did the only thing I can do as a baby. I cried. I cried at the injustice the world is giving me. To allow me to have a pair of loving parents again only to take it away again when I was just born.

I feel a hand reach out to me, touching my face softly in a way only a mother can. Her hand wet, stained with her blood.

She's saying something but I don't understand it. The only word I was able to understand was Naruto… my name. But I already know that.

My mom retracts her hand, holding the claw again to stop it from going forward anymore. The claw is right in front of my eyes, almost touching me, blood from my parents dripping on me. I reach out and touch the giant claw impaling both my parents, finally able to muster out some sort of strength.

'Please.' I beg silently, 'Please don't take them away from me.' I beg the fox, hopeful that it can sense my emotion. Begging him to spare them even though I know they are enemies which also makes me his enemy.

Whether it worked or not, I don't know. The fox seems to look at me briefly before it suddenly became smaller. Half its terrifying chakra disappeared into the back of my father and yet something feels different. The chakra seems to…

"ROAR!" The fox release a roar, breaking me from my thoughts and back to reality.

Suddenly the fox got pulled. From its claw finger, it gets forcefully pulled toward me. It was shrinking smaller and smaller in a stream of red chakra going straight into my stomach. The chakra feels hot and heavy like it's burning me from the inside and yet I ignore it. My attention focused on my parents. My mom holding dad in her arms crying her eyes out.

'Wha…' I then noticed the seal on mom's seemingly healed stomach, the seal I've seen so many times on this body in my previous life.

'He saved mom… He sealed the other half of the nine tails chakra in her again and saved her.' I thought in surprise.

'He…' I feel relieved and tired after noticing that at least my mom survived.

'He…' I didn't get to finish my thoughts as sleep overcame me and I close my eyes.


'Well, this is just awkward.' I thought, looking at my morning wood. It's bigger than kids my age, that much I know of. In fact, it's bigger than average adults. Normally it wouldn't be so awkward to have a morning wood but this situation is different.

My mom came to wake me out of bed and when she pulled the blanket off of me, my hard shaft, too big to be trapped under my pajamas, stick out and pull my pajamas down also. Mom is currently staring at my dick in a daze. She's probably had some pent up sexual frustration since dad's not with us anymore. It's been more than 11 years since then.

Mom snapped out of her daze and looks away.

"B-Breakfast is ready. H-hurry up or you'll be late for school." She stutters, her face deep red. As soon as she finished saying that, she ran out the door.

I sigh. This isn't the first time this has happened and it most likely won't be the last. The Yang half of the nine tails chakra have affected me differently than Naruto in the story. Sure I have more energy than the other kids but due to mom having the Yin half…

Well, let's just say she got more beautiful and the Yang chakra have been affecting my body differently since I noticed. It doesn't help that Yang and Yin half of the nine tails chakra are attracted to each other which in turn affected me and mom as you can see from this morning.

The seal was designed to hold the nine tails. To stop it from affecting us and yet allow us to use its chakra when in need. What it didn't do was stop the primitive desire of its chakra from seeking out the other half.

Sometimes I find myself looking at mom with desire I wasn't supposed to have. Desire to push her down and take her. To connect us and make us one. To…

In simple terms, this stupid Yang chakra made me want to fuck my mom to reconnect with its Yin half.

I sigh again. I never acted on those desires. In my last life, my parents died when I was born, leaving me alone. Now that I have a mom, I don't want to mess things up.

"Hahaha!" I learn a laugh inside my head.

'Shut up Kurama! It's your fault this is happening!' I yelled at him in annoyance. I managed to befriend him after 10 years of being an annoyance until he gave up and agree.

"It wasn't my idea to seal each half of my chakra inside you two. You should blame your idiot father for that." Kurama remarks.

I feel my lips twitch. I can't retort because what he said was true.

"Maybe I should thank him for giving me such an entertaining thing to watch. BWAHAHA" Kurama burst out laughing again.

I do a hand seal and shut Kurama up. I study the seal and while I don't know how to create or open it, I know enough about it to draw on Kurama's chakra, let him talk to me, and let him see through my eyes. I also know how to seal it for when Kurama is being an annoyance or when I want some privacy.

'I need some privacy to deal with this.' I look at my still hard dick. I walked toward the bathroom, doing it in my room is risky because mom might come back to check on me.

"Haa, ahh, ahh." I stop outside the bathroom door when I hear moaning from the inside. I blushed as I feel my dick harden even more.

I almost facepalm. No doubt mom is having the same problems as me. I went back to my room and release myself there before opening the window. When I'm done, I went to the kitchen and see that mom is already there.

"Hey, mom." I greeted casually, trying to stop myself from thinking about what happened earlier.

"N-Naruto!" She stuttered and blushed again.

'Way to make it obvious mom.' I thought.

We sit at the table eating in awkward silence. After both I and mom made some failed attempt at a conversation, we stop trying and just eat.


"Phew" I sigh as I leaned on the door.

'Who knew fangirl would be so scary. Almost made me wish I was alone like Naruto was in the show.' That's right. I have fangirls. With my mom around, she received the Jinchuuriki status much to my anger and annoyance. I, on the other hand, was able to grow up with a relatively normal childhood… as normal as a shinobi child can get anyway.

Due to no one knowing my status as a Jinchuuriki and me wanting to show off at school to make mom proud, I attracted the attention of several girls and now have a full-blown fan club. Some people may think having a fan club dedicated to you is cool but I can tell you, in all my 25 years of existence, nothing is more annoying and scary than having a fan club. It's not easy to deal with them either since they are not going after you with bad intentions. They only…

"AHHH!" My train of thought as broken as I hear a scream from the living room.

'Mom!' I thought. Before I can even think about why she screamed, my body was already running toward the living room.

"MOM!" I called out in worry. I enter the living room then froze. All my worry gone, my brain short-circuited from the sight in front of me.

In front of me is Kushina, my mom, frozen in shock like me. She is fully naked with her fingers inside her dripping wet pussy in full views.

"Naruto." She broke out of her surprise first. Her face turned bright red. She quickly closes her legs and covers her breasts with her arm. Her voice also woke me up.

"Umm…" The words stuck in my throat as I fail to think of anything to say.

She also looked at me, not knowing what to say before she got too embarrassed and looked down. Her eyes widen a bit as she keeps staring. I follow her line of sight and feel my face heat up more.

She's staring at the bulge in my pants. The tip of my shaft, sticking out because it gets too big when it's hard.

Kushina bit her lip, seemingly arguing with herself before something won over. Her embarrassment gone and seems to be replaced with expectations.

"Naruto honey, come here." She called out. I almost take a step back from the look of hunger in her eyes. She looks like a starving predator and currently, I'm the prey.

Next thing I know, I'm laying down on the sofa and my head on mom's soft lap.

'Stupid shinobi and their insane seed!' I cursed in my head.

"Oh my," She said, 'surprised' as she ran her hand over my hard-on. She then slips her hand inside my pants. I have to hold back a groan as her soft hand touches my dick.

She pulls my pants down, letting my dick free and standing it all its glory. She stares at my dick in lust.

"It must hurt with how hard it is. Don't worry honey, mommy will take care of you," she said with a worried yet sultry tone in her voice. She reaches out and touches my dick. Her smooth hand wraps around it, gently stroking my dick.

"Ah." I couldn't help but let out an involuntary sound escape me. Her hands feel way better than doing it by myself.

"Mom. Your hand feels good…" I find myself complimenting her without thinking. Her chest puffed out in confidence, letting me see her big breasts bounce a bit and she starts to move her hand faster.

"Mom, it… something's coming." I warn her, pretending like I don't know what's going on.

"It's ok honey. Don't hold back, let it out." She said in a soothing voice. Her hand covering the head of my shaft, massaging it with her smooth palm.

I feel entranced with her motherly yet lustful tone of voice and could only do as she said. I close my eyes and focus on the pleasure she's giving me. I let out another involuntary groan and cum into her hand.

I open my eyes and see mom's face filled with lust. She brought her hand covered in cum toward her mouth and lick it. She must have liked the taste of cum as she licked her whole hand clean.

"Delicious." She stated, sucking on the last bit of cum on her finger. Then she looked down at me, at my shaft that still hasn't gone down yet. If I wasn't so out of it, I could have sworn she have hearts in her eyes.

"This won't do." She said still playing the concerned mother but even I can easily see that she's driven by lust.

"Looks like I'll have to take more drastic measures." She turned me around, moving my head toward where my legs were and my dick closer toward her.

"Mom." I couldn't help but call out in pleasure when she leaned down and took my dick into her mouth. She licked and clean until there is no more cum on it.

She then moves over me, sitting and grinding her wet slit with my dick before she couldn't wait anymore and lift herself. She lines my dick with her pussy. She gently lowered herself on my dick, her lower lips spread open as she pushed more and more on my dick inside her.

"Aaah…" She moaned in pleasure when my dick completely enters her, enjoying the first dick she has in her since her husband passed away. A dick belonging to her son no less and yet, that fact seems to enhance the pleasure even more.

She starts bouncing herself on my dick. By now my lust for her have already clouded my mind. I move my hips along with her, seeking to maximize the feeling of pleasure.

"Mom…" I couldn't control myself and sit up. I pull her down while I got up, pulling her in for a kiss. Her eyes open in surprise before her lust and feelings won over and she melted into the kiss, our tongues twirling around each other.

I pull back to take a breather but she didn't let me and pull me in for another kiss. While we were kissing, she didn't stop moving her body, bouncing herself on my dick. Her wet and tight pussy trying to milk me dry. I can feel that I'm reaching my limit again.

"Mom…" I try to warn her but before I can, she slams herself down harder than before. My dick twitches inside as I try to hold back and yet it was too much for me and I released my cum inside her.

"HMMM!" She moaned into my mouth. Her pussy tightened as she climaxes from the feeling of my cum entering her.

She pulls back from the kiss, both of us breathing heavily trying to catch our breath. Yet despite the orgasm and my cum inside her, she didn't stop moving her hips. I haven't calmed down either, my dick still hard and my mind thinking of nothing but ways to ravage the woman in front of me.

We lost ourselves in pleasure, letting loose after holding back for so long. We enjoy each other's bodies, not stopping even after the sun has risen the next day. By the time we're done, it's already the afternoon and mom was completely covered and my cum leaking out from all her holes. We fell asleep in each other's arms, covered in a mixture of our love juices.
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