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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Animal · #2253551
I wonder who will win the contest in the different world? Charlie or Red?

Charlie and Red's Eating Contest

It's a beautiful night for Charlie after a dinner night date with Sasha. Charlie was so relieved and happy for Sasha because of how fat he is after eating a lot of meat. Charlie is about to comeback to heaven for a assembly with Annabelle since he is roaming back to the beach boardwalk.

So it was time for him to go. But some dark smoke coming from the sewer and it is thicker than a fog. Charlie sees something glowing down the sewer. It's green. It's mysterious. The demon cat Red rises from the deep hole of hell, but unfortunately because he's fat, he got himself stuck. He tries to push himself out, but couldn't. So he let himself give up. "Ahh Charlie. It's so nice meet you again. Must've gain a few pounds hehe," said the demon cat. Charlie was so annoyed he had to deal with the evil cat and said, "Uuuggghhh! What do you want? And why are you here? You do realize I blew a horn to stop you and sent you back to the underworld." Red is being very suspicious and said "What horn? Oh.. you mean this?" Charlie recognized the horn and tries to get it back, but couldn't reach it because he also fat. "GIVE ME BACK HER HORN YOU FREAK!" The demon cat said, "Aww you want the horn back? Well you can't have my precious horn. Unless.." The dog seems curious, but was completely unsure what unless he meant to say. "Unless what?" "Unless.. if you do want the horn back, you must come to my palace and we'll make a good deal. I like to invite you to enter my palace and we're going to have... hmm... Ahh hah! A eating contest!" Charlie doesn't want to accept his deal. "Hahaha.. yeah, I can come to your palace, but I'm not gonna accept your stupid deal. It's better if I just pay you money and I'll take the horn. Oh and by the way, I'm a champion of eating contest. So nice try, smart kitty" teases Charlie as he sits and plays his belly. Red seems to be furious. "Well then, you will never have the horn. WHY? YOU DO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THE GOD DIES FROM THE MISSING HORN? YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO GET A HORN BACK UNTIL YOU ACCEPT MY DEAL! IF NOT, THEN I WILL SACRIFICE HEAVEN! IF
YOU TRY TO STEAL MY HORN, THE GOD'S SOUL WILL BE MINE, AND YOUR SOUL TOO! So... what's it going to be? Accept it, or death? You're choice!" Charlie began to understand his words and then realized the destruction of heaven if he doesn't get the horn back after 24 hours. Charlie has to get the horn back, but the only way to get it back is to accept the deal. So he decides, "Okay.. fine! I can't believe I have to deal with this crap! Fine. I accept your deal, but I'm still getting that horn back no matter what." Red seems calming and said, "Good good. I will see you very soon. I'll be waiting." "Yeah yeah shut up" scolded Charlie, flies back to heaven to meets Annabelle. Red is still stuck. "GRRRRR! COWARDS! GET ME OUT OF THIS HOLE AND TAKE ME BACK TO MY PALACE NOW!"

Charlie returns to heaven and almost all dogs panicking about the missing horn and yelling that God would punish all of them, including himself. He rushes to Annabelle's palace and tries to get in, but the guards were in his way. "Guys! You gotta let me in! I need to speak to her now!" Guard One asked, "You got your collar?" Charlie grunts violently as he shows them his collar. He got accepted. "Alright. You may enter." The gate keeper let's Charlie in and he rushes inside. Finally he sees Annabelle and speaks too her. "Annabelle! I want to have a word with you." Annabelle leads Charlie to her room and said, "Of course. Follow me to my room." Charlie follows Annabelle and once they're inside, the overweight husky emperor of heaven named Warren was very angry because the horn is missing, but he's happy to see his trusted guardian angel since they've met before. Warren said, "Charles! I'm so glad to see you. But I'm still mad right now! If we don't have Annabelle's horn back in the next 14 hours, we're all going to die!" Annabelle said, "We need a real guardian hero to get my horn back now! We must protect the rest of the guardians from danger!" "Annabelle, that's why we need him" said Warren, pointing at Charlie. Annabelle yelled, "What? You can't be serious! Why him?" Warren also yelled, "I trust his ability and I think he's going to be a hero guardian if we can trust him to get the horn back. I know he's smart like a soldier!" "Look at him Warren! He's still a guardian and ordinary dog, and fat even though I love his fat body.
He'll never understand everything!" Charlie breaks the conversation and said, "Annabelle! You never told me about the god and the demon! Why?" "Because Charles, I didn't want to tell you this because you don't understand enough! I can't trust yo-" Charlie angrily replied, "SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP ABOUT TRUST! YOU TREAT ME LIKE A CHILD JUST BECAUSE YOU SAID I DON'T UNDERSTAND DOESN'T MEAN I SHOULDN'T KNOW EVERYTHING! YOU NEVER LET ME GO OUT PUBLIC EXCEPT DATING MY GIRLFRIEND AND STUFF! YOU ALWAYS TELLING ME, I'M NOT A HERO YET, AND IF I WANT TO BE A HERO, I HAVE TO GO TO DOG TRRAINING! LOOK AT ME! I MAY BE FAT, BUT I'M WELL TRAINED! THIS IS WHY I HATE YOU FOR TREATING ME LIKE CRAP AND I HAD TO DO ALL OF WORK WITHOUT HELP! I'M NEVER GOING TO LISTEN TO YOU AND FOLLOW YOU AGAIN! AND IF YOU WANT ME TO PROVE YOU I'M A HERO, THEN I WILL! I'M GOING TO HELL AND GET THE HORN BACK WITHOUT ANY HELP AND EVERYONE WILL KNOW THAT I'M GONNA BE A HERO! SO HELP ME GOD OR WE WILL DIE!" Warren and Annabelle gasp at Charlie's words. "Charles! I'm so happy you can bring it back! Now go! Bring the horn back and take it back to the palace! Hurry!" "But... but... Charles...?" Charlie ignores Annabelle and goes out of the palace at the same time as she yells, "CHARLIE IF YOU MESSED UP, YOU'RE GONNA BE-" Charlie breaks again and replied, "Yeah yeah, whatever! Don't mess up! Bye!" Annabelle felt disappointment and was about to say, "You're.. gonna be stuck in.. hell... forever..." She felt hurt. Warren said, "Trust me. He'll get the horn back. I promise." Warren and Annabelle hugged each other, hoping Charlie would be back with the horn.

Charlie came back from heaven to the boardwalk and sees the sewer hole that is still open. He also sees a bottle of something he thought it was something to prevent him from having stomach ache, so he takes a drink, takes a moment for a deep breathe, and then jumps into the hellhole. Actually, the bottle he drank was actually protein shakes that can remove nausea, but doesn't stop belly ache. Once Charlie landed in the underworld, every single dogs from
heaven are very fat and large as a whale. He has never seen a guardian were very fat before as he explore the world while rushing to Red's palace. Charlie has never seen a very big palace before. Finally, Charlie made it, and the demon guard lets him in just to let him greet Red. Charlie enters the palace, but it is too dark. Charlie takes a deep breath and enters the dark hall. The door was shut slowly as he enters. The candles were lit by the spirit. The candle leads Charlie to Red's main room palace area where the green glowing eyes are lighten. So the dog follows the trail. As he gets closer to the green glowing eyes, Red greets him. "Welcome! Welcome! I'm very glad to see you again. Come inside my room!" Charlie replied, "Shut up!" They both enter Red's giant room. Red asked, "So.. are you accepted to join my eating contest?" Charlie sighed. "Yes. I just told you already." "Now. here'sa deal, if you win, you get to keep the horn and I'll let you live. But if I win, I get to keep it and all of their souls from heaven will be mine! And I get to keep you as a pet." Charlie agrees. "Fine.. deal." "Now then! Let the eating contest begin!" "In here," Charlie asked in confusion. "No." Red pointed the back cliff area where the eating contest stage were constructed which a bunch of devil minions working. Red yelled, "You minions! Cook something now! The contest starts in 1 hour! Now GO!" Devil minions rushes to the kitchen and prepares something to cook with. Red smirks and asked, "Hey Charlie. Could you massage me?" The demon cat undos the blue robe and his belly shown while it bounces and wobbles. Charlie began to blushes, but doesn't want to. "No."

One hour later, the contest is finally ready for the contestants between Red the Demon Cat and Charlie Barkin the guardian angel. One of the devil minion is a judge of the contest. "Ladies and Gentlemen! Please welcome to the contestants of the eating contest! On the right, he is the real king of the underworld and a powerful villain and a master of eating contest, RED!!!" Devils cheering in excited. "On the left, we have a guardian angel from uhm... heaven. A champion of eating contest from San Francisco state far carnival... uhm.. Charlie Barkin." Everyone stays silent. Both contestants walks up the stage and their bellies rumble. Almost ten thousands of food
are completely cooked well. The judge yelled, "Let's get the contestants ready for contest!" Red gave Charlie a collar in order for Charlie to eat as he puts it on. "Annabelle.. this is for a miracle to you. I'm getting the horn back!" The judge said, "Whoever get fatter and bigger and eats the most will recieve a treasury horn and gets to keep it in the palace" Red and Charlie looks at the horn and then each other. "You're going down, cat" scolded Charlie, "Once I get the horn back, your butt tail gotta go!" Red replied, "We'll see about that." "On your plates..." announced the judge, "Get set to hunger..." Both of the ccontestants belly gurgles loudly. Finally it was time to eat. "EAT!!" Red and Charlie both startss eating as fast as they can. While they're eating, their belly began to grow a little larger. While their bellies gets bigger, their moobs and their butts gets big as well. The more food they ate, the food becomes bigger than a regular sizes. 2.5 hours later, their bellies are touching each other as their bellies, ther butts, and their moobs grow bigger. Charlie became a mega size of a bounty house except that he is super overweight. So he kept on eat. Red's eyes and nipples glowing as he uses magic to make food bigger and the amount of calories higher. Also Red became bigger than Charlie. Charlie soon began to feel painful as he gets bigger, but get himself randomly a belly ache. He is very lucky he's not nauseous though. But he ignored the pain and kept on eating. Red twice bigger than Charlie and he is a size of a supermarket. The contest ended because Charlie finally decided to give up after finally understanding how painful his belly he gets. He moaned, "Ooooohh... what was that potion I drink.. aaawwwwwwww..." Red finally stops eating and he was proud of himself and became a new eating contest champion. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! RED IS THE WINNER!" Everyone cheering hard in excitement for Red and his support. "It looks like I win." Charlie began to cry and regrets it and his belly gurgle as a massive belly ache. "Oh... noooooooo... oooohhhh... what have I done... I should've listened to Annabelle..." Red recieved a horn for his prize. "Wait!!!!! Can... we go... for... another round..?" Red burst a laugh like a clown. "Another round? Hell no! I'm already full! And besides, I'm way bigger than you my friend." Charlie tries to speak, but Red breaks off words. "Don't worry. I can make you bigger in no time."
Charlie began to panic as Red uses his magic to make every food larger and larger. Charlie calls Annabelle for help, but red stuffed his mouth with a burger. Everyone else is enjoying watching Red feeding Charlie. Red said, "I can finally feed you and pet you, and I will take a very good care of you like a family. You're all mine. For now." Charlie again regrets everything he did and thought, "I think I'm gonna burst... this is all my fault... I wanna go back to heaven... this is torture! Please Annabelle!!!! I'm so sorry for ignoring! Please take me back!!! Please!!!!!!!" I guess Charlie is no longer a guardian angel. Don't worry. I'm sure they're going to be okay. I promise.

The end? Maybe?


Hey! It's me andrew. Just released my very first story. So yeah. Not really good at writing stories tho.
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