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A SpaceStorm had been created. One that could cause a lot of trouble if it's not stopped.

                 SpaceStorms Can Be Created

     Even before the SpaceShuttle entered the light green
cloud flickering red power streaks shooting upward, it was
shaking violently. So much shaking you could almost see
the arching of it as it went up and down. After it entered that
cloud, it got even worse with power streaks happening all
around them.

     After they left that cloud the streaks were headed for
the surface of that planet. The same direction where the
SpaceShuttle was now headed. A group of trees so thick that
sunlight couldn’t get through it. If there was any sun in
that part of this planet.

     Suddenly, the SpaceShuttle lifted slightly. Janneal
pulled back on the control Y handles of it to try to pull it
back up a little bit more. He continued looking up at the
large monitor in front of him as the image on it showed that
what he was doing was happening.

     Janneal glanced back at about two hundred others in
rows of ten seats. Five on each side of a walkway in between
them. “Everyone, get ready for a crash landing. I don’t see
any place to land us. So, this could be a deadly landing.”


     A SpaceShuttle came through a light green cloud and
headed for an Orbital not too far from them. Just before it
got to the slightly angled Orbital, it curved to go around
it. But about halfway around it, it stopped to turn away
from it. Then it backed itself into that Orbital.

     An entrance opened into that Orbital. Janneal was the
first to exit through it. Followed by five other Houckers.
“Houcke hasn’t used this Orbital in a little over fifty
years. But about eight months ago we started getting power
usage from it.”

     “That’s why we are here,” continued Janneal. “To find
out what is going on.”

     Janneal took a small metal box from off his back and
pushed a button on top of it. “We don’t know what is
happening here. So, we need to be prepared for anything.”

     Pointing the metal box in front of him, Janneal looked
down at it. Then he started walking. After turning down
three corridors, Janneal suddenly stopped in front of a
small SpaceStorm in a clear wall room. “Who is that?” Pirana
asked after she pointed in the room with that SpaceStorm.


     Slowly, Janneal and the others with him walk toward the
entrance into the room with the SpaceStorm in it. Only now
Janneal had a hand weapon pointing in front of him. The five
others also had their weapons out too. Janneal leads the way
as they entered that room. “Who are you? And what are you
doing there?”

     Mothim didn’t stop what he was doing as his fingers
continued flying across buttons on the large control panel.
He also didn’t look back while he continued doing it. “I was
starting to wonder if Houcke was going to send anyone to try
to stop me before it’s too late.”

     “It is too late, though. One button and I will prove to
everyone that I can create a SpaceStorm.” Mothim pointed two
fingers just above a red button on his control panel.

     Just as Mothim started to push that red button, Janneal
shot him with a single blue liquid ball from his weapon.
That ball hit his fingers. And it did stop him from pressing
that button. But as he spun around Mothim pressed it with
his other hand as he fell to the floor there.

     Suddenly, the SpaceStorm there disappeared. And Mothim
started laughing. “I will get my revenge.”


     “Ethun, go back to our SpaceShuttle and contact Houcke.
Tell them to send every specialist they have on SpaceStorms
here,” said Janneal.

     As Ethun started running out of that room back in the
direction where their SpaceShuttle was, Janneal and the
other four Houckers with him continued to push buttons on
the control panel in front of them. But nothing happened.
They continuously look at where the SpaceStorm used to be.
It still hadn’t returned yet.

     “If we can’t get it back, then we destroy it.” Janneal
stepped back and pointed his hand weapons at that control
panel. The other four Houckers with him did the same thing.
They all fired every liquid ball that they had. But they
didn’t destroy it. It didn’t even look like it had been hit
by anything.

     Mothim started laughing again. “You’re not going to
destroy it like that.”

     Janneal quickly went over to where Mothim was in a
corner of that room and picked him up by grabbing both of
his arms and squeezing them tight. “But there is a way to
destroy that SpaceStorm. What is it? How do we destroy it?”

     “Why should I tell you that?” Mothim asked.


     “There isn’t anything here to destroy,” said the image
of Yangina on the large monitor in front of Janneal. “The
only thing that is real here is the red button. And it only
turned off the image of the SpaceStorm here.”

     Mothim started laughing once more. He sat beside two of
the five Houckers on either side of him. The other three sat
behind them. Janneal swiveled around in his seat behind the
large monitor. “Why are you doing this?”

     “That’s Mothim,” said Yangina. “Almost thirty years ago
he was laughed at because of his claim that he could create
a SpaceStorm. He said he would get his revenge. And it looks
like he has just done it.”

     Suddenly, Janneal’s eyebrows shot up to his forehead.
“Mothim, you sent the power surges to Houcke on purpose to
get all the specialists on SpaceStorms up here.”

     Janneal swiveled back to face Yangina. “This is a trap.
Get everyone out of there fast. I have a bad feeling this
Orbital is about to destroy itself.” A few minutes later
that SpaceShuttle left that Orbital just as it started to
destroy itself. Pieces of it hit that SpaceShuttle as it
headed back to the SpaceStorm that was in front of them.


     The SpaceShuttle skidded across and through the top of
the treetops there. It even bounced off them every so often.
And picked up speed as it did it too. Janneal kept looking
up what was happening as he tried to regain control of their
SpaceShuttle. Slowly, he started doing it.

     Then those trees ended. And that SpaceShuttle headed
for a large mountain and ravine in front of it. If they
didn’t hit the mountain, they would the deep ravine. Janneal
pulled back on the Y as hard as he could. He missed the
ravine. But not the mountain.

     Janneal managed to tip their SpaceShuttle up enough not
to hit the mountain head-on. But that only caused it to
start sliding back down toward the ravine. Luckily, Janneal
stopped it just before going over the side of it. Everyone
was tossed, turned, and twisted by it. Some laid on their
seats. And some were on the floor in front of them. But
other than that, everyone appeared to be okay.

     Forcing himself to manually swivel around in his seat,
Janneal faced the others behind him. “Is everyone okay? Has
anyone been hurt or worse?”


     Looking up at the SpaceStorm that was acting very
strong above them, Wiloma smiled. “A lot of planets call the
power streaks that are coming in and out of this SpaceStorm
lightning. I’m from one of those planets.”

     “Why are you telling me that,” Janneal asked as he lay
beside Wiloma next to their SpaceShuttle. He too was looking
up at that SpaceStorm.

     “Because I think that I know how we can stop it,” said
Wiloma. “With lightning, you just need to let it die out on
its own.”

     Janneal looked confused. Wiloma could see it on his
face. “Lightning is natural. SpaceStorm in Space or come to
planets are also natural. This one isn’t. It was created.
And anything created can be uncreated.”

     Looking around him, Janneal could see that it appeared
everyone was off their SpaceShuttle. They were sitting or
laying on the ground near it too. It took him three slow
scans. But Janneal finally found Mothim. He went over to
him. “I want answers. And you are going to give them to me.”


     “Are you sure that Mothim is telling us the truth when
it comes to where the controls are for his SpaceStorm?”
Divain asked.

     “I’m sure,” answered Janneal. “After I told him I was
going to drop him in the ravine I was dangling him over, I
think he was too scared not to tell me the truth.”

     Divain smiled. “It’s a good thing that he doesn’t know
you would never do anything like that.”

     Janneal didn’t say anything about what Divain had just
said. He just looked through the open round tube attached to
his Long Weapon. “I don’t think we will have any problems
with the controls for these SpaceStorms that are all over our
planet now.”

     “What do you think, Pirana?” Janneal asked after he
looked at her laying flat on the ground overlooking where
the controls for those SpaceStorms are act next to Janneal
and Divain.

     “I don’t like it,” answered Pirana. “It doesn’t look
like it will be any problems. But I have a bad feeling that
it’s not going to be as easy as it looks to do it.”


     Janneal slowly walked down a corridor. Constantly he
was looking all around him. But it looked like he was the
only one in that part of the building. “It doesn’t appear to
be anyone else here except for us.”

     “That’s not entirely true,” said Ethun. Only his voice
could be heard coming from a small device inside Janneal’s
ear. “There is at least one other Houcke here. It’s Mothim.
I’m looking at him right now.”

     “How can he be here with us and back at the crash
landing with our SpaceShuttle?” Divain asked.

     Janneal started running down that corridor to the
center of that building where Ethun was already at. “It’s
because Mothim was never in our SpaceShuttle or the Orbital
that destroyed itself.”

     “I have been wondering why Mothim was willing to die in
that Orbital to get his revenge on his fellow SpaceStorm
Specialist,” continued Janneal. “He didn’t. Mothim was just
an image on the Orbital like the SpaceStorm there.”

     “That’s why he’s here with us now,” said Janneal. “It’s
because he was never there.”

     Janneal suddenly stopped. To stare at Mothim in a large
clear wall room with a small SpaceStorm in it. “Pirana, you
are right. Stopping this SpaceStorm isn’t going to be easy.”


     Slowly, Janneal looked at the other six Houckers there.
He had to bob his head some to look around Mothim and his
SpaceStorm. But he did it. Janneal even saw Yangina there
too. “Everyone is where you wanted us to be to destroy this
SpaceStorm. So, how do we do it, Yangina?”

     “We can’t,” answered Yangina. “I mean we can destroy
it. But if we do, not only will we destroy all of us, but we
will also probably destroy Houcke.”

     “If we can’t destroy it, then what can we do to stop
it?” Janneal asked.

     Yangina pointed her two Hand Weapons up in the air. “We
use these weapons I gave you.” Then she pointed them at that
SpaceStorm. “To pull this SpaceStorm into them.”

     Janneal started using his weapons at that SpaceStorm.
The others there started doing the same thing. Instantly,
each weapon started receiving streams of light green tubes
from that SpaceStorm that went into the firing end of those
weapons. As those tubes left that SpaceStorm, it started
getting smaller.

     Mothim was trying to stop them from getting his revenge
by tapping away at the buttons on his control panel. Janneal
glanced at the small monitors behind that control panel. The
SpaceStorms on the monitors around Houcke were starting to
get smaller too.

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