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Have you ever heard "The Sound Of Silence?"

Silence speaks
The quiet of the night surrounds me
I hear nothing yet I hear everything
I notice the breeze on my cheeks
But it makes no sound

Silence speaks
By allowing me to notice the little things
I notice how the cold gives my skin goosebumps
Silence does not say a word
Yet I feel his every thought
I notice how the grass feels beneath my feet
Silence encourages me to notice more
I do not say a word

But silence knows my mind
Still, he does not allow a word to pass through his lips
He stands beside me
Watching the stars in the sky
I am one with silence
Silence is one with me
Silence speaks but he doesn’t say a word

We communicate without words
He knows my every thought
Silence speaks
In a language no one understands
But I speak it right back
Silence speaks
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