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the lovely autumn has some things to say

I leaned against a dead tree
and turned my head to talk to Autumn
Her hands played with the dead leaves by her feet

“Autumn….why do the trees shed their leaves?”

Her hazel eyes locked with mine
and her smile grew

“They shed the leaves because they do not need them
Trees change when the cold arrives, pretty one
They shed their old selves for the new ones come spring.”

She picked up one the leaves and placed it in my tangled hair

“You, too, will change with the cold, pretty one.
You’ve changed many autumns and this will be no different.”

I opened my mouth to speak
but she placed a gentle finger on my lips
and shook her head.

“I know what you are about to ask.
Humanity doesn’t change, but you are like this tree.
You change into a new flower every spring.
You will blossom brighter.”

I smiled as Autumn effortlessly rose to her feet
I followed her footsteps and trotted down the lit path
Eager to leave my old self behind
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