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by Ridzee
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #2253613
Episode 1.
A girl with everything perfect in her life stands on the rooftop under the dark blue sky where are so many brightening stars upon her head. she is thinking about her loving parents, a good friend, a beautiful house with full love and joy her life is perfect and there is nothing in her life which she wants and she has no wish to make it on her birthday her name is Kim Jae In. Suddenly Jae In sees a shooting star, immediately she joins her hands and tries to make a wish.

Jae In: I have everything so what should I ask from God (her hands are stuck together and eyes are closed).

Mr. Kim Hae Won and Mrs. Park Bo-young. Kim enters. They are in some kind of argument

Mr. Hae Won: Yes honey I am telling you the truth

Mrs. Bo-young: Oh you are definitely telling the truth.

Jae In who is still trying to make a wish hears her parents' voices

Jae In: "Truth" (saying with closed eyes)

Mr, Hae Won, and Mrs, Bo-young: Jae In darling come and cut the cake its time to celebrate (her parents call her)

Jae In suddenly opens her eyes and her wish end with the word "Truth".

Jae In: Yes mom and dad.

Jae In cuts the cake and they sing together a happy birthday song.

Next Day

At the school, Jae In meets her best friend Min Eun Bi.

Eun Bi: Hi, Jae In happy birthday this is for you. (a beautiful handbag)

Jae In: Thank you so much Eun Bi.

Eun Bi: Today is your birthday and our whole class will make this day wonderful for you.

Jae In: Oh! come on Eun Bi don't make me shy I am not a little girl I will invite you to my farmhouse to have some fun.

Eun Bi: Really!

Jae In: Yes.

After school Jae In comes back to her house. She opens the door and listens to some kind of serious conversation between her parents.

Mr. Hae Won: Now Jae In is 18n years old so we should tell her the truth.

Mrs. Bo-young: No! It's her birthday today so please don't do this today.

Mr. Hae Won: Okay not today but she has a right to know the truth.

Jae In was still confusing about which truth her parents are hiding from her

At Evening

Jae In's birthday party celebrates. everyone is enjoying it but Jae In still thinking about the conversation of her parents.

Jae In: I still don't understand what is going on.

Eun Bi: Jae In come you have to cut the cake, why are you here everyone is waiting for you.

Jae In: You go first I will be there in two minutes

The birthday party ends and Jae In come back to her home. On the way, Jae In tries to ask her parents about that truth which they are hiding from her but she also afraid that if she asks and she can't handle it so? After some thought, she decided to ask her parents.

Jae In: Mom, dad

Mr. Hae Won and Mrs, Bo-young: yes darling do you want something?

Jae In: No, I have a question.

Mr. Hae Won: Yes dear?

Jae In: I want to ask.... which truth you are hiding from me?

Mr, Hae Won, and Mrs. Bo-youn weirdly look at each other .

Mrs, Hae Won: It was nothing dear.

Jae In: Please mom I know there is something you both want to tell me.

Mr. Hae Won: Honey we should tell her now.

Mrs, Bo-young: Okay but first we have to reach home.

Jae In: No please tell me now.

Mrs, Hae Won: No dear it's not the right time and place.

Jae In sits back and start waiting.....

To be Continue

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