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another letter to the love of my life
Summer always made my heart sing. I felt joy in knowing I could lay in the sun and have no cares or worries. All was right with the world. But the last few summers before I met you, something was missing.

I didn’t have a swimming partner. I didn’t have someone to save me from the rough waters. I didn’t have someone to lay on the beach with me and hold my hand as I fell asleep.

The summers were still warm, but my heart was chilled. I had happiness but no joy. I had a blue sky but no one to enjoy it with. I walked the sidewalks and the backyard behind my house alone with no one to keep me company in my thoughts.

I often dreamed of what it would be like to have someone sit next to me and make me a flower-crown. I wished I had someone to place a flower behind my ear and tell me that I’m their everything.

Sitting under my backyard tree, I dreamed of having someone next to me, someone I could carve my name into the tree with. Someone to kiss as the sun sets behind us and someone to hold as the summer nights air chills our bones.

I found you in the winter snow and wondered if our relationship would ever blossom, would ever come up through the ground to touch the blue skies hiding behind those gray clouds.

This will be my third summer with you and it hasn’t been an easy one, but I will tell you, this summer will change us. The distance has made my heart grow fonder for you. My heart has never felt this way before but now, it doesn’t want the summer to end without you by my side.

The summers had always been my favorite season but with you, it’s hundred times better. Why? Because in your smile I see the summer sun. In your eyes I see the blue sky. Every touch is like a gentle breeze. Every kiss is a summer sunset.

My darling, I want to spend a lifetime of summers with you. I want to spend summers kissing as the sun sets behind us, giving us a beautiful backdrop.

With the sun, I feel warm, but when you smile, my heart glows, for you are the sun I’d been searching for.
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