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Callie wants to tell Marie her secret but she already knows. How'll she react?
Callie woke up 2 hours later from her own nap and changed out of her pink sleeper into a pink T-shirt and black sweatpants with white socks.

“Still can’t believe I slept with that paci in my mouth while snuggling my teddy.” Callie thought as she took her paci out of her mouth.

She then went to check on her cousin as he saw her still sleeping in her crib peacefully. Marie was sleeping comfortably in her green sleeper suckling on her paci, snuggling Bun Bun under a blanket.

“Maybe I should tell her after she wakes up.” Callie thought.

She closed the door to her cousin’s room as she went to watch TV. Marie woke up from her crib an hour later as she was still wanting to have nap time, but Callie would be coming to get her up soon. Callie came into the room as she went to wake Marie up gently. She felt her cousin waking her up as she opened her eyes seeing her cousin in normal clothes.

"What time is it?” Marie asked.

“It’s 3:00.” Callie replied as she got Marie out of her crib.

Callie took off her cousin’s sleeper as she was changed into a lime green onesie, with black skirt and white socks. Callie brought Marie into the living room as she sat down on the couch watching tv with her little cousin’s head laying on her lap. Marie’s head was on her cousin’s lap as she felt her pants were a little puffy as she heard a soft crinkle noise.

“Callie? Are you wearing a diaper?” Marie asked.

Callie blushed deep red.

“No... why would you think that?” She said, feeling like she’ll wet herself.

Your pants feel a little thicker than usual.” Marie said.

Callie tried thinking of a good excuse but she was embarrassed Marie was gonna find out eventually she wet her diaper expanding her pants a little.

“Oh, alright Marie. You got me. I am wearing a diaper.” Callie admitted.

“I kinda knew about it for a few hours.” Marie said.

“Wait, what?” Callie said blushing red. “How much did you see?”

Marie told Callie what she had seen but went straight back for her nap.

“Oh. Okay then.” Callie said embarrassed.

“Callie, there’s no need to be embarrassed.” Marie said. “I may be a bit of a baby, but I act a little bit mature like you.”

Callie felt better as she came up with an idea.

“I have an idea for a Splatfest.” Callie said.

“What is it?” Marie asked.

“Diaper lovers vs. full on ABDL/TBDL.” Callie replied.

“That’s a great idea.” Marie replied happily. “We’ll announce it tomorrow.” Callie said.

And so from then on out, Callie and Marie will announce tomorrow the Splatfest for this year’s teams to be Diaper Lovers vs. ABDL/TBDL.

(End of Part 5)
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