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Mawplay, Licking, teasing, Prey/Predator, Macro/micro, Furry, anthro,
Zoey and Jack the neera

A Playful Trust

Jack shivered with fear as he sat in between the large grapes, feeling every footstep as rose walked up the stairs. Jack can't believe Zoey, his owner left him. Jack wanted to talk but didn't. Looking up seeing a large white door, watching her hand turn the handle revealing a red interior, a queen size bed with red pillows and white blankets. Rose had a bench similar to Zoey's but she had a shelf of cages but were empty and looked like they were covered in dust.

Rose walked into her room and placing the bowl of grapes and jack down onto her bed. Jack watched her walk away from the bowl and walk towards the door. Rose looks back towards the bowl and stares directly into his eyes, she turns the knob as it clicks and locks the door. Jack gulped hard as he heard the click. Jack looked up into her eyes as she slowly walked towards him licking her lips slowly so Jack could see in every detail how she coated her lips with saliva. Rose giggled and moved her hands towards the bowl, picking up Jack.

Jack was frozen, he flinched as she picked him up by the waist and out of the grapes, placing him on the white blankets.

Rose smiled and went to her drawers and pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and a white button-up shirt. She laid them out next to Jack. Jack watched her lay them next to her but suddenly not realizing as she quickly snatched him up into her right hand, she giggled as Jack struggled slightly but stopped as it was useless.

Rose laid down on the bed and in a sitting-up position. She held Jack up to her face. Jack could feel her warm air as she breathed onto him. Jack continued to shiver as she grabbed the bowl of grapes and rested it beside her. Rose finally spoke up.

"So my little Mousey, " She began to say as she picked up a grape. Jack gulped slowly as she spoke and picked up the grape bringing it towards her lips.

" Zoey said you can talk, but as you know I've eaten plenty of you little guys so how could you be any different" Rose asks but Jack keeps quiet.

Jack watched her draw the grape closer to her lips, she parts her jaws to release her large red tongue circle around it. Rose parts her draws wide enough to let Jack see right into her maw, Jack shivers but watches closely. Rose purrs as she closes her mouth and moves the grape side to side and finally moving it to the back of her throat, swallowing it. Jack watches the lump travel down into her chest then looks back up into her eyes.

Rose giggled as she saw his face. Rose moved him closer to her lips but stopped as he back up in her hand.

" if Zoey is telling the truth that you can talk maybe you need some encouragement " Rose smiled lifting Jack above her face and opening her maw wide. Jack's eyes went wide as he looked down seeing great white fangs glistening with saliva and her bright red tongue wave about ready to push him into the dark abyss beyond her tongue.

"Feeling chatty" Rose asked she slowly lowered him into her maw, Jack started to stutter as his lips got closer and the tip of her tongue was almost touching his ankles.

"O-Okay, okay okay, okay, you win" Jack yells trying to hold onto her fingers.

Rose lifts him up and closes her jaws bring him back to eye level. Jack shivering over but in relief as she lowers him to her eye level. Jack looked into her eye, her eyes still showed hunger, so did her lips as she slowly draws her tongue across her lips making them shine from the bedroom light.

"So, my little human Zoey was right you can talk. I'm shocked honestly, I was going to eat but now I might still but Zoey would be devastated if I did" Rose replied as her eyes scanned over his body.

"Zoey brought me from the pet store in the middle of town for sixty dollars, I've only started to learn you English somehow" Jack replied thinking to make a conversation keeps him off the menu.
"It's understandable but normally when you so price there's always a catch" She hissed and brought him closer to her giant maw.

Jack shook his head but she kept nodding her head.

" How about this little human if you're not tasty enough for me to swallow you I'll let you out but if your more than tasty well you get the idea" Rose simply smiles opening her maw revealing her large red tongue reach for him and giant white fangs that could rip through him with ease.

"Can't we make a different deal" Jack yelled but was cut short as her tongue curled around his waist? Rose moaned and purred in delight. Rose opened her maw wider and laid her maw level and her tongue moved him in behind her fangs. Jack gasp as he sees the light outside slowly disappear as she shuts her jaw, sealing Jack to no escape.

"Rose Please…." Jack started to cry as he was thrashed around her maw but all Jack could hear was a sudden purr from the back of her throat.

Three minutes had passed and Jack gave up struggling as he was moved around her maw soaked in her saliva. Suddenly she tilted her head back. " No, no, no, no……" Brad yelled as he descended towards her throat but all of a sudden her maw tilted forward and a bright light blinded Jack as he felt him leave his wet cave and onto a red towel. Before Jack could even see he was instantly rubbed all over till he was dry.

Rose uncovered him and smiled down at him. Jack was confused why she didn't eat him or at least swallowed him.

" You were so delicious and I was so tempted to swallow you but you could be good for other things plus you can talk unless worse comes to worst or if Zoey turns on you" Rose smiled plucking him up into her palm.

Jack was confused why she said if she turned on him.

" Rose, Why would Zoey turn on me," Jack asked looking at her in the eye.

Rose didn't answer she closed her eyes, she reopened her eyes to reveal two red slits stare into him, she instantly lifted him above her maw opening her jaws and snapping them at him as he got closer but all of a sudden she stopped and Jack watched her red-eye slits fade and turn back to normal. Jack was shocked.

" Now to answer your question, that an instinct or urge we have since I'm older than you and Zoey I've learned to control it but Zoey hasn't happened yet," Rose said and lowered him onto the bed.
" Is it rare to have?" Jack asked.

" Oh no, happens to every fox, wolf, or cat girl when they turn 21, so if you see her normal eyes turn into slits you need to find me or run hope you don't get caught cause she will eat you brutally as it will be her first time" Rose explained.

Jack stepped back trying to take it all in.

“ What will you do though, as it sounds like she will tear anything apart just to eat me,” Jack asked shaking as he looked up at her for an answer.

“ I may have to eat you” Rose smiled slightly but frowned.

“ Eat me like, actually swallow me,” Brad asked shocked, and backed away from her as he stood on the bed. Brad watched her stretch her legs out onto the bed and getting into a more comfortable upright position. She moved the bowl of grapes off the bed and onto the bedside table.

“ Yes, as bad as it sounds, id have to swallow you till Zoey has gone off her urge then vomit you back up, you can be in my stomach for a bit but not long as acids would pour in” Rose spoke softly but knowing Jack was shocked plus frightened.
Jack walked towards her and up near the pillow she sat next to and planting his back into it. Brad closed his eyes knowing he will be eaten by rose if Zoey does turn unless he runs. Jack looks up at rose and
Rose looks down at Jack smiling gently. Jack looks at her smile and her maw, shivering slightly but just closed his eyes.

Jack felt his hair being stroked, looking up seeing Rose stroking his hair with one of her fingers. Jack looked up at her and she was giggling. “Am I not allowed to pat you?” Rose asked but continued to pat his head like a pet.

Jack just smiles and nods. Rose smiles and plucks him up in her hand bringing up towards her muzzle. She gently parted her lips and her giant tongue lick him from head to toe.
“ Are you serious!?, I just had my clothes dry “ Jack yelled in disgust.
“ You love me,” Rose said purring and giving him another lick and another. Jack sighed as he stood in her hand getting licked by her giant red tongue that appeared between her lips. Jack looked at her as being all serious but all she did was giggle and lick him.

“Can you stop please?” Jack asks nicely.
“Hmmm, Nah, try to stop me” Rose cheekily laughs and licks him again now knowing he was covered in saliva.

Jack looks at her as she tells him to try to stop her. Jack tenses his legs and starts to sprint hoping to jump on her hand onto her left breast but his luck ran out as he feels a slimy feeling around his torso. Jack looks down to see her tongue wrap around him. “ Arghhh, cmon no this isn’t funny Rose” Jack yells smiling slightly as he was her toy.

Rose giggles retracting her tongue back into her maw, she watches Jack fight effortlessly against her tongue but to no anvil. Jack grabbed onto a ring she had on one of her fingers but slipped. Jack groaned as he looked towards her face seeing her red eyes closed purring as he watched her jaws open up revealing sharp fangs and red cavern which every neera fears.

Jack felt himself pass her lips and carefully over her fangs. Rose uncurled her tongue from him so he could rest on her tongue. “Comfy” Rose asks to giggle and purring around him.

“Yea I'm feeling great in here,” Jack said sarcastically closing his eyes has rested inside her maw looking around till he sees the remaining light outside disappear as she seals her maw shut trapping him inside.

Rose smiles tasting him and purring away as a cat would do. Getting up and grabbing the bowl of grapes and her water. Rose heads downstairs to the kitchen, she opens the fridge and places the bowl of grapes back into the fridge. She brings the glass of water up to her lips and lets Jack slide out and into the glass of water.

Jack feels Rose get and walk around, jack smiles knowing she won't hurt him. Jack opened his eyes as a blinding light shines back into the dark cavern. Jack feels himself seeing a pool of water below before Jack can even say a word he plunges into the water going under and resurfacing.

Jack looks up at her as she grins, Rose brings him towards the sink but cups or hand so he doesn’t fall out. Jack falls down against her hand as she tilts the glass downwards causing the water to drain out

Rose picks Jack up and places him on the kitchen table on a tea towel and gently wipes him down. Jack laughs a little as she wipes him down.

“ Alright so now you all nice and clean, I'm going to head for a shower, so you say here, and ill be right back okay,” Rose asks him as she smiles and goes around the corner grabbing a pair of red undergarments and a matching bra. A white top and long black leggings.

“ Okay, how long till Zoey is back,” Jack asked Rose.

“ She will be back in 3 minutes as she just texted me,” Rose said smiling and started to walk upstairs towards the bathroom.

Jack sighed as he heard the door shut and the sound of running water, Jack laid down on the kitchen bench smiling and closing his eyes. Waiting for Zoey to arrive home.
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