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School Part 1
I realize there are some young people that don't think an education does not matter but it does. ~1~ For instance
Females ask: Why should I graduate High school and go to college? ~2~ I will get married let the man work here are answers to this question
What if your husband dies? How will you support yourself and/or kids? ~3~
What if your husband and you get a divorce then what? ~4~
At 17 I decided to drop out I was a junior in high school (promised my parents something) I had to promise my parents that I would go back to school when my kids were old enough. ~5~
I been in both situations not good I had 2 divorces no alimony or support. I was jumping from job to job, did not graduate high school. I met the wrong crowd that taught me I could write bad checks for food and clothes for my kids and I. ~6~
I learned that if you do it illegibly you pay for it. You have to keep moving never stay in one place long which hurts the children education. ~7~
I finally couldn't handle it no more I turned myself in paid all the restitution. Because I turned myself in my fines were smaller and so was probation. ~8~

more to come next chapter
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