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by Shubh
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When you start to live in depression
When the sun makes you burn
When the shadows give you no fun
When the rains hide your tear down that run
Let me tell you,the journey has just begun.

When the Heavens send you down,
Taking away your rightful crown
When the hells do but frown
Because you are too good to be down.

You are helpless, having no friend,
Remembering the words “Our friendship shall never end”
Broken shards of brain you mend,
Thinking of giving up, cause that’s the end.

Raise your head, you are it.
They sent you down with a wit
For every little pain you felt
Is the proof that in the strong fire belt,
Your goodness never melts.

Yes,you were right,
Say it with all your might;
Your war is too long to be called a fight,
And the angels stand by your side

For the dark shadows, you are the sun
For the innocent fireflies you are the one
Do not give up, that’s what you have to go for
You are the weapon against the evil that need more.

You are special, you haven’t been told yet
Cause that gong of clock you haven’t met.
Your pain has been taken, now rerun,
For I told you, your journey has just begun
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