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Written for Dialogue 500
"What are you talking Ken? I can never do something like this. Believe me or not."

"To believe you is not my duty, sir. You will be penalized if you are proved guilty."

"So is this my job? Huh. I think I am paying you only to prove my innocence. Isn't it?"

"Then you must cooperate with me, sir. Tell me everything in detail. What all has happened that day."

"I was there at a party, in a Club. Yes, Club Laire. That's the name! Then I took two glasses of wine and began dancing. After a while, I saw a young man coming towards me. Perhaps, he was twenty. He offered me red wine. He was wearing a bow tie and a black gauzy neckline jacket. I think he was a waiter. Then, I held his wine in air and started dancing. I was not in my senses. I am sorry."

"Not a problem at all, Sir. I want the details."

"Alright Ken. Later, this beautiful lady wearing a blue, shiny gown came towards me. I don't know her name. She took my wine and brought it near my mouth. She made my sip easy. Then, I held her waist and began dancing."

"Yes Sir. Can you please go back and give some more details."

"Sure. I remember that when she was heading towards me, she already had a glass but when I held her, she was left with none. Maybe she kept it on a table."

"You didn't get it sir. She purposely did that. Let me tell you what might had happened. She exchanged her wine with yours, which she had already drugged. Then you fainted. And before you could come out of your sleep, the murder had already taken place."

"Yes. That's what I am saying. It was already done. But I was holding the gun and got my fingerprints on it. It was the same bloody gun."

"Don't panic sir. The waiter whom you described earlier had his first day of job. So he recorded everything as a memory. Even when the CCTV footage was gone, he had his camcorder on."

"So where is he? Where is the recording? Will I be saved Ken?"

"Yes of course. He has also agreed to be your witness, if you pay him a thousand dollars."

"Transfer the money immediately! I want to meet him soon."

"Don't hurry sir. Tomorrow in court, victory will be ours. Cheers!"

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