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A rhyming story for a W4K contest.

Melting snow half-covered windswept Icelandic fields,
Splashes of vibrant greenish-yellow and oranges revealed.
Morning sunshine weaved rainbows, and vanishing misty dew,
Upon ancient hidden fields where, magic flowers grew.

Hidden deep behind vast volcanic craters and mountains,
Next to the gentle tumbling sounds of geysers, fjords and fountains.
Roamed Icelandic ponies, in all their glory,
Each one unique, with its own special story.

The ‘íslenski hesturinn ‘, both protected and pure,
Fast, strong, wild wispy hair, and ancient folklore.
Long white mane, young, wild and free,
Stood the very special pony named ‘hugrekki’.

Her name meant ‘courage’, she was bold and strong,
With white woven wispy hair, ever so long.
At one with the land known as fire and ice,
Volcanic, ancient mysterious paradise.

During wintertime, they’d huddle altogether,
Trying to escape the wind and frozen Icelandic weather.
Protected by their long thick coats of hair,
That kept them dry from the freezing air.

Hugrekki roamed with her precious herd,
Chasing butterflies, and the joyous bluebird,
Folklore has it, that fairies still roam,
On the sacred lands, Hugrekki now calls home.

If you stopped to look, carefully,
Are they butterflies, or fairies?
One thing was certain, there was major magic in the air,
With ‘Hugrekki’ the Icelandic pony and her snow-white hair.

She wore a woven mystical floral wreath,
On land, where lava flowed underneath.
Raging ravines and hidden flowers grew,
On a magical Island where ancient winds blew.

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