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Rated: E · Poetry · Friendship · #2253894
To limit love to romance would be quite sad. My thoughts as an aromantic.
They tell me love is red
Cherry-fire and passion
Always in a romantic fashion
Or sometimes love is pink
Sickly sweet, silly crushes
Feather-soft, peachy brushes
But these are not love's only colors

Love can be orange
Hopeful, brave
Marching on towards the light at the end of the cave
A trusting bronze, a sweet tangerine

Love can be yellow
Tinkling, chirping laughter
Picking lemons and drinking them after
A smiling sun, an embracing breeze

Love can be green
Fresh, flowing, bright
Exuberant and full of light
Peaceful and alive

Love can be blue
The sapphire longing
Of true belonging
Words felt and not spoken

Love can be purple
Cloaked, yet strong
The intrinsic knowledge that you belong
Wrapped in old, knowing whispers

All love will turn black
Heavy with sorrow, laden with death
But true love transcends breath
Though it may be buried deep

Love always shines white in the end
Triumphant, pure, and unshaking
Glittering with truth, it is unbreaking
The brightest light of all

Love is not one color, cannot be confined to one shade
Boundless and infinite, love is every color
Love is everything
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2253894-Colors-of-Love