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As we capture the moments we pass through the definitive realm of time.
The present is today
And so time would have moved
From the past of yesterday

And will capture the start
Of the future, tomorrow.

The time-frame of yesterday,
Today and tomorrow
Will represent the fullness
Of the past, present and future.

Today is yesterday's tomorrow
And tomorrow's yesterday.

If yesterday, things got messed up
And just about everything
went terribly wrong

Then today would be the reflection
On what was the reason
For such augury...

And tomorrow would bring
The possibility to do better
At everything

But now, right now,
At this moment
As today moves on
Entering a realm
Of questionable frame...

Does it become yesterday or
Does it become tomorrow?

Knowing that ...
Yesterday is today's memory and
Tomorrow is today's successor.

Knowing that ...
Today delves into the present,
Yesterday goes into the past
As tomorrow inches to the future.

Is this really a time-culture
Where moments eclipse second,
Minute and hour?
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