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Rob hears something dark and Mystery About Syntec Corp , Come let's Find out the Mysteries
Chapter - 1

The Project

In 2057, A boy with Jet Black Hair was born to Arthur and Jane. They named him Rob Dane. He had a Joyful life until he was 9 Years, He lost his Father and Mother due to a HyperCar Accident. The Hospital put him up for Foster Care. After many Dull Years, a Young Couple brought to him to their house. He liked them, and to his surprise they adopted him. The most interesting part was that his Step-Dad, Noah, was working for Syntec Corp. He wanted to talk to him about his ambition and how he wanted to join Syntec. But he never got the perfect time to talk to him. He went to work before he woke up and came home after he slept.

Then his mother Daisy made him join a school, He joined Nobel International School. The next morning, he got ready to go to school, and he found out that his dad left Earlier than him. Then his Mom dropped him in school in her hypercar. In his Class, He saw a Beautiful Girl with Red Hair and had a crush the moment he saw her. He went to the furthest seat from the Teacher's Table, He did not like to sit near the Teacher's table and wanted to sit near Charlotte, He sat beside James and Anthony. They both became friends. Furthermore, he came to know that the Girl's Name is Charlotte. After School, James, Anthony and Himself became Best Friends.

Many Days Passed on. He was Fond of Charlotte and wanted to ask her to be his Girlfriend. But he Could not, He did not dare to ask her. He had exams coming up, so he chose to study during the Night. He heard his dad arrive from work. After some time, He Heard his dad on the phone talking something about Neuralink and that was very harmful for Humans and could sometimes be very Brutal. He got up and scavenged the Internet for some piece of information and found out that it was something to with Robots and Humans. He was shocked as Syntec Corp. the Corporation in which his Dad Works, was a Pharma Related Company. Likewise, he could not understand why a well-respected Company should do a thing this Awful. He became so confused and went to Sleep.

The Next Morning he ran to his Friends and told them about this, They too were shocked. He came to know that this might be Illegal and, made up to Explore Syntec and find out the Mysteries during the Night. He kept this as a secret from his Friends.

The following night, He sneaked out of the house. He went to Syntec Corp. and found that guardians and Cameras were surrounding the Buildings. There were people inside the building and saw Wilson talking to his Dad something Secretly. He went Close to the Wall and Placed His Ears on the Glass, Wilson Said “We need a new Human to examine the Neuralink, To test the Robots”, “But that is Illegal” said Noah. “It will be Fine, We will just bribe them.”. He was stunned hearing these words. Then Something Wet fell in his Head and Completely knocked him out. His eyes became obscured, and he saw some Guardians Lifting and Taking him somewhere, He saw Blazing Lights and a Squabby Man Wearing Round Glasses with a White Coat. Then .......

Where was he taken ?

Did they realize that it was Dr. Noah’s Son ??

What did they do with Him ??
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