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by Norman
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Eye of the beholder
Some people decorate themselves,
get tattoos fore and aft.
You have to wonder if they’re blind
or if they just are daft.

And other people pierce themselves;
they put holes in their skin.
Their ears and nose and everywhere
that you can stick a pin.

Well, you may shrug and say to me,
“It’s simple vanity.”
But I think they are really nuts.
It’s pure insanity.

Some women wear those crazy shoes
with heels that are too high.
They think it makes their legs look good,
but they’ll pay, by and by.

And then there are the sunshine ones
who let their bodies brown.
Their skin gets tough and leathery.
I look at them and frown.

Well, they are young and they look good;
It’s harmless vanity.
But when they’re older then they’ll say,
“It was insanity.”

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