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Short Incite Into the Mind
Waking up in the morning is a mystery every time he awakes. The first thought was blank, other times stress, questions fill the mind. What're you doing, for whom are you doing it for? Each morning is different.

Because of this, the days vary as well. If your mornings are a mystery, what's that say about the day. The temperature you feel when you take you first steps outside lay the foundation for the climate of the day, and even into the early night if everything is consistent. Like this, first thoughts can lead to daily happenings if all else isn't hectic. 'Tis crucial to attempt to master to control the thoughts that fill your mind when your eyes first open.

Blank, or with question, is average, the mean, on the scale from good to bad, they lie directly in the center. A cloudy, stuffy feeling, with thoughts of self pity move towards the bad side, every greed, ever further. Focus not on this however, control the first thoughts in your mind for gratitude, love self confidence but not conceit, will prove to do you will on you path.
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