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Bear Bait

At the top of the Beartooth Plateau, Boris, Buster and Bruce sat in a circle.

Boris had just eaten five packages of beef jerky, and now played with some bear bells. Buster finished off six granola bars, now was starting to demolish a bag of gummy worms. Bruce continued to spray pepper spray in his mouth.

“What are you sons of boars up to? I can’t leave you three alone for a moment without you getting into trouble.”

“Momma, we just found this pack. Honest. We didn’t hurt anyone,” Boris said earnestly. He kicked the pack behind a tree.

“I sure do hope not. You know what Ranger Dick said last night at his campfire talk. ‘A fed bear is a dead bear’. And you two others. Shame on you.”

Buster and Bruce hurriedly dug holes to hide any other evidence.

“Now, we have to get back to work. Enough of being lazy. We have berries to find, grubs to dig, apples to find. How will you ever learn to live in the world if all you do is mooch?”

The three bear cubs hung their heads in shame.

“Let’s go, no time to dawdle. Time waits for no bear.”

Momma led Bruce, Boris and Buster down the path and up to the mountainside. Millions of calories awaited.

W/C 219

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