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An edited version. I had some feedback from a publisher and needed to redraft the original
Fergus was usually such a happy frog,
Loving his home, in a decaying rainforest log
But sitting alone, his eyes filled with tears,
Instead of feeling joy, he was swimming in fear.

Wiping his sad salty teardrops away,
He remembered something his Pop would say.
Pop’s eyes would glisten as they filled with love and pride,
“Oh Fergus, our funny little boy don’t ever try to hide”.

You light up our lives, fill our hearts with joy?
Your Fergus the frog, our wonderful ‘special’ boy.
We all have our quirks, we’re all one of a kind,
Each of us different, in body, spirit and mind.

Fergus tried his best to smile again,
But his heart hurt, and his head filled with pain.
He tried to shake the way he was feeling,
He still needed time, he still needed healing.

Fergus’s friends didn't quite realise,
But if they had, they would have been surprised
That their careless words, thoughts and actions,
Had caused their friend Fergus's sad reactions.

To know that their silly laughter and games,
To know their childish teasing and names.
Had made their friend feel sad and blue,
Was not what they had intended to do.

Kenny Kookaburra and Gertie Goanna just didn’t see,
Fergus was confused, sad and angry.
Instead of having fun, he felt bullied and mad,
Instead of feeling joy, he felt angry and sad,

Yes, friends can bully a friend too,
And it’s the reason Fergus's sadness grew.
His friends didn’t notice that his feelings were hurt,
Or that he wished he could simply disappear into dirt.

Instead, Fergus raised his stripy head,
Through teary eyes, he softly said,
‘Goodbye, my friends I’m going away.
I'm just too upset to stay and play.

So little Fergus, Fergus the frog,
Hoped back home to his mossy green log.
Sitting in silence, not making a sound,
He didn’t want to be discovered, didn’t want to be found.

Why did his friend's words and the laughter hurt him so?
Didn’t they all understand, didn’t they know?
Fergus knew he needed to make a choice,
To grow in confidence and find his own voice.

Sitting alone, quietly thinking,
He never heard Gertie Goanna slowly slinking.
Fergus looked up, as he heard a muffled sound,
His friends stood around him, all facing the ground.

Gertie spoke up, and said “we are sorry for playing those tricks”,
Kenny, shyly said, “I hope your sad heart can easily be fixed”.
Fergus looked around at his wild bunch of friends,
He couldn’t stay mad, he couldn’t pretend.

He could see that his friends were feeling bad now,
He needed to show them forgiveness, but how?
With the thrill of excitement, he looked into their eyes,
With a wide cheeky smile, said "Hey friends I've got a surprise

I know of a crystal blue pond, that is near"
Feeling at ease, they all let out a cheer.
So off they all went to play once more,
Trudging along, the damp leafy forest floor.

In the distance, a great big splash could be heard …
They giggled and jiggled without a single nasty word.
Where a very happy Fergus sat on his Lilly pad,
Finally feeling happy, feeling very glad.

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